Cost of Renewing Nigerian Passport (2024)

Nigerian passport renewal cost will be the major focus of this article.

Cost of Renewing Nigeria passport

It is within same context to as well ask what is the cost of renewing international passport in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, while many people refer to Nigerian passport as what it is, the Nigerian passport, many call it international passport.

So, this post will also provide good answer to those seeking to ascertain the cost of renewing international passport in Nigeria.

The Nigerian passport is a very powerful document needed before one can leave the shores of the country.

The Nigerian passport is a very vital travel document that allows one the freedom to leave Nigeria and be accepted to their countries of destinations.

The Nigerian passport comes in different categories and pages such as:

32 pages Nigerian Passport

64 pages Nigerian Passport

One thing that is common about all types of Nigerian passport is that they all carry validity. Hence all Nigerian passport irrespective of its type and number of pages is subject to renewal.

Renewing international passport in Nigeria is very crucial for international business people and other Nigerians always visiting abroad.

Renewal of Nigerian passport costs same amount of money it gotten for.

How much it cost to renew Nigeria international passport is determined by the number of pages and the type of passport.

In this blog post, the cost of renewing international passport in Nigeria will be provided.

Also to be made known in this article is the best place to renew Nigerian passport as well as how to renew international passport fast and easily in Nigeria.

All these informations is geared towards providing quality travel information for citizens who might be in the need to renew their Nigerian passport.

Current Cost of Nigerian Passport Renewal

The cost of international passport renewal in Nigeria is same as the cost of processing & obtaining international passport in Nigeria.

In otherwords, Nigerian passport renewal cost is same as the cost of getting Nigerian passport for the first time.

So, same amount of money paid to obtain Nigerian passport first time is also to be paid when renewing Nigerian passport.

Cost of Renewing 64 Page Nigerian Passport

The cost of renewing 64 page international passport is based on the type of validity it has.

The cost of renewing 64 page Nigerian passport with 10 years validity is N70,000.

While the renewal cost of renewing 64 page Nigerian passport with 5 year validity is N35,000.

Some advantages of 64 page Nigerian passport includes: longer validity and more number of pages in tune of 64. It is most suitable for their who travel frequently.

Cost of Renewing 32 Page Nigerian Passport

How much it costs to renew 32 page Nigerian international passport is based on its validity and number of pages.

The Nigerian passport of 32 page has only 5 years validity. The 32 page Nigerian passport renewal cost is N25,000. It is the cheapest Nigerian international passport.

However, sometimes the charges of renewing this passport category can reach N30,000 based on passport officers effects.

End Note on Nigerian Passport Renewal Cost

The above state figures is the official cost of renewing Nigerian passport across immigration offices in Nigeria.

However, be ready to pay more and extra as result of tips, delays which will be aimed at forcing your hands to pay a little more than these official price cost of renewing passports in Nigeria.

It is one of the long aged corruption in the system.


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