Cost of Renting / Hiring Scaffold in Nigeria (2024)

This write up will focus on the cost of hiring and renting scaffold in Nigeria. Renting and hiring of scaffold is very regular among building engineers and construction personnels.

Cost of hiring Scaffold in Nigeria

Scaffolding is a very important building and construction material in Nigeria.

It is in dispendable in building and constructing big and tall buildings.

Before now, most scaffolding used in house construction are bamboo or wood made scaffold.

As result of the defects of bamboo and wood scaffolding, a more suitable scaffold is now being used and accepted in Nigeria which is metallic scaffold.

As a result of cost of hiring the metal scaffold in Nigeria, most scaffolding in rural areas and some semi urban areas are still made with bamboo sticks and wood.

While bamboo scaffolding are one time scaffolding, the metal scaffolding are permanent scaffold which can be used for years because of its metallic nature.

Construction in most top cities in Nigeria like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, now make mostly use of metal scaffold.

This is why many Scaffold hiring and renting companies in Nigeria has continued to emerge and grow.

The cost of acquiring metallic scaffold in Nigeria is expensive and so, hiring and renting of scaffold is best options for individuals undertaking private building construction.

However, companies, both construction companies, real estate companies usually go for outright acquisition of buying scaffold in Nigeria which its cost is very expensive.

In this post, our major focus will be on the cost of hiring or renting scaffold in Nigeria.

Particularly, we will talk about scaffold hiring cost in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

These are the three major cities in Nigeria with the largest number of building constructions both private and public building constructions combined.

What is Scaffold Renting & Hiring Cost in Nigeria?

The cost of Hiring scaffold in Nigeria is based of the type of scaffold.

There is single movable scaffold and general house scaffold.

Single moveable scaffold can be used for house repairs and to do a specific work in a particular part of building.

While general house scaffolding is usually used during house or building construction.

It is used mostly during house plastering, fixing of windows and plumbing work etc.

In this case scenario, scaffold will be runed across all the building which is being constructed.

So, the cost of hiring or renting this two type of scaffold in Nigeria differs.

For the purpose of the article, we will use the cost of renting scaffold in Lagos and Port Harcourt to provide for the scaffold renting costs in Nigeria.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent or Hire Scaffold

The cost of hiring or renting single moveable metallic scaffold in Nigeria ranges between N1500 to N2000 per day.

This price for renting single scaffold in Nigeria excludes the cost of transporting it to construction site.

Scaffold renting cost is being culculated on daily basis.

The more number of days it is used the more charges it accumulates.

The cost of renting general building metallic scaffold is based of the size of the building.

Some general house scaffold hiring price can be set at N10,000 to N15,000 per day.

This price of hiring all house scaffold excludes the cost of transporting it to the construction site.

Scaffold Renting & Hiring Companies in Lagos

As expected, scaffold use and renting is on the rise in Lagos for obvious reasons.

Hence, there are numerous companies that are engaged in the cost of hiring and renting scaffold in Lagos, Nigeria which is the most built up cities.

Here is the list of some good scaffold renting companies in Lagos Nigeria.

  • Peri Nig Ltd
  • Scaffold Equipment Nigeria
  • Turquoise Formwork & Scaffolding
  • Aigfield Contractors Limited
  • Spear Resources Investment Ltd
  • Scaffold World Ventures
  • Habitech Welding Works & Services
  • Intelligent Scaffolders
  • Solution Oriented Ltd
  • Wolly Water Works

These are some companies in Lagos, Nigeria that offer quality Scaffold services in and around Lagos Nigeria.


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  1. Judemary Ubochioma

    How much does it cost to acquire general house scaffold. I want to start the business.

    1. The cost will be quite much, also the size and type of house will determine the size of Scaffold

  2. What is the average start up cost for scaffold rental business.

    1. To construct scaffold you should at least above N500,000

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