Cost of Sending Transcripts From Nigeria to Canada

Canada is one of the top choice destinations for international studies among Nigerian students.

Sending transcript from Nigeria to Canada

Annually, numerous Nigerian students embarks on international studies at Canada.

One of the major criteria for enrollment into Canadian universities or colleges is submittion of academic transcripts.

This is a document showing the students previous academic records and performances.

While some Canadian institution of higher learning expect the transcripts to be send to them by electronic mail, others asks that the transcripts be send in hardcopy.

This is why you would find many potential Canadian international students from Nigeria sending their transcript to Canada from Nigeria.

This article will seek to review how much it costs to send transcript from Nigeria to Canada.

Also, this post will look the best courier services to send transcript from Nigeria to Canada.

At the end of this write up, readers would discover the fastest courier agents to use in sending documents from Nigeria to Canada.

This article will aid numerous Nigerians who engage in sending of their transcripts and documents from Nigeria to Canada for academic or official purposes.

What is The Cost of Sending Transcript to Canada from Nigeria?

The average cost of sending transcript hardcopy from Nigeria to Canada is N30,000 to N35,000.

This cost of waybilling transcript from Nigeria to Canada is largely the courier flight cost.

Ordinarily, the weight of parcel decides how much people are charged for air cargo.

However, transcripts is just very small document or documents which is very handy.

Before now, the cost of sending transcript to Canada from Nigeria cost between N15,000 to N25,000.

But the price was affected by the aviation fuel crises in Nigeria and this led to the price going up to as high as N30,000 plus.

So ,if you plan to send in your hardcopy transcript to Canada, you should budget roughly N40,000.

The Best Courier Services For Sending Transcript to Canada

There are many courier companies that deliver transcripts to Canada from Nigeria either to university or college.

However, certain courier services have proven to be most efficient from survey of people from Nigeria sending transcript to Canada.

Hence the following courier companies are classified as the best courier companies for sending transcript to Canada from Nigeria.

  • DHL
  • UPS
  • FedEx

The above three courier companies are ranked as the best and fastest courier services for sending transcript from Nigeria to Canada.

How Long Does It Take for Transcript Sent From Nigeria to Reach Canada?

There are numerous factors that affect how long it takes for transcript sent from Nigeria to reach Canada.

In a hitch free transit, it takes minimum of 2 weeks (14days) for transcript sent from Nigeria to be delivered in Canada.

This is how long it takes for transcript to reach Canada from Nigeria.

But in certain circumstances, it could take longer time of about 3weeks to 1 months especially when hitches are encountered either from airlines or from the courier services.

So, if you send you out your transcript to Canada from Nigeria, expect it to be delivered within 2 weeks.


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