Cost of Solar Street Light in Nigeria (2024)

How Much is Solar Street Light

Nigerians are exploiting solar energy to solve its epileptic power supply. This post will review the best solar street light and cost of solar street light with sensors.

Cost of Solar Street Light in Nigeria

Despite the cost of procurement snd maintenance of solar energy, some Nigerians are adopting it as alternative to power supply from national grid.

This article will focus on the prices of different types of solar street lights in Nigeria.

The use of solar energy as energy source in Nigeria is becoming more prevalent.

Most multinationals and banks are making use of solar energy as alternative energy source to power their offices.

Also, most Nigerian homes are now powered conviniently by solar energy.

Streetlights are also not left out as most street lights in Nigeria are solar energy powered.

This brings us to the major nucleus of this post which is price & cost of solar streetlight in Nigeria.

Finding how much it cost to install solar street light in Nigeria is an information of high significance.

This is because of rise in use of solar energy for street lights projects in Nigeria.

In this post, we will be relying on data from solar energy engineers and solar panel merchants to bring to our readers the price of solar energy street lights in Nigeria.

Price of Best Solar Energy Streetlights in Nigeria

The cost of street lights powered by solar energy is determined to large extent by its capacity.

By this we mean capacities of the following for streetlight: Inverter battery, solar panel as well as LED or florescent.

A typical solar streetlight is a metallic pole with solar panel, LED and Inverter battery all mounted at the top edge of the pole.

All in one solar energy streetligts is now replacing the traditional old solar streetlight.

The most used type of solar streetlight is the all in one solar street light with motion sensor.

These are streetlight with both batteries, solar panel, LED and built together and mounted or hanged on a pole.

It automatically switches on at evening and goes off in the morning for recharging.

It motion sensor works by light shining brighter when images are detected few meters away.

Solar energy powered street light in Nigeria has been considered the best street light in Nigeria because of its effectiveness as well as low maintenance needs.

Also, these solar street light needs little or no human operation to function effectively when installed.

These are some of the reasons why many Nigerians are embracing solar energy powered streetlight in Nigeria.

These streetlight energized by solar can be used to light up streets, compounds, school premises, church premises and estates.

Below, we will be discussing how much solar energy street lights cost in Nigeria.

Solar Energy Street Light in Nigeria: Price & Cost

The cost of solar energy Streetlights in Nigeria depends on the Watts and capacities.

Streetlight with higher and bigger panels and watts usually cost more than solar streetlight with lower watts.

This is more prevalent in all in one solar energy streetligts (Integrated Solar Street Light) .

These are some of the prices and cost of solar streetlight in Nigeria.

Specifically this the price for all in one solar street light (Integrated Solar Street Light) which is the type of solar street light most prevalent in Nigeria.

  • 120 Watts LED Solar Street Light – N175,000 – N210,000
  • 60 Watts LED Solar Street Light – N105,000 – N150,000
  • 40 Watts LED Solar Street Light – N80,000 – N95,000
  • 20 Watts LED Solar Street Light – N25,000 – N35,000
  • 8 Watts LED Solar Street Light – N14,000 – N18,000

End Note on Solar Street Light Cost in Nigeria

There is bound to be disparities in the above price of solar street light in Nigeria.

This is because there are many brands and companies manufacturing these integrated solar streetlight and each comes with a different price in accordance with the perceived quality.

However, based on our findings, these price list for solar streetlight in Nigeria will cover that cost of solar streetlight of many manufacturer in Nigeria.


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