Cost of Stamped Concretes (Increte) Floor in Nigeria

Stamped Concretes popularly known as incretes floor in Nigeria is currently the most popular land scaping and grading beautiful pattern in Nigeria.

Cost of Increte floors in Nigeria

In this post, we will discuss the cost of Increte floor in Nigeria ie cost of constructing stamped concrete floors in Nigeria.

Many Nigerians are beginning to get familiar with stamped concretes.

However,not so many people in Nigeria knows what stamped concrete or Increte floor is or have seen it.

Stamped concrete is simple concrete that is applied on the floor and pattered or designed as slate, flagstone, stone, tiles which is specifically used beautify the environment,keep it safe and protected.

Stamped concrete is mostly applied or used on interior flooring, patios, sidewalks, driveways & pool decks.

It is one of the best environmental beautification models in Nigeria.

In this article, the cost of making Increte floor in Nigeria will be talked about.

Also, in this post, we will discuss how long stamped concrete (Increte) floors can last in Nigeria.

Expect to find the problems of stamped concrete or increte floor in Nigeria.

Is it a good idea to build stamped concrete around homes?

Does grass and weed grow on Increte floors in Nigeria?

All these and more will form the major discourse of this post about the costs and best stamped concretes in Nigeria.

Stamped Concretes (Increte) Construction & Costs in Nigeria

The cost of stamped concrete floor in Nigeria is relative in the sense that the size of the areas to be increted or stamped determines how much stamped concrete construction will mostly likely cost.

However, in Nigeria the cost of stamped concrete is calculated by square meter.

Stamped concrete (Increte) floor cost an average of N8000 per square meter.

So, the total number of square meters to be stamped gives the overall budget for stamped concrete floors in Nigeria.

This cost of Increte floor is most applicable where the workers are providing the entire materials for the stamped concrete.

If the contactor or house owner will be providing stamped concrete materials, labourers will likely charge about N1500 per square meter for building and installation of Increte floors in Nigeria.

This is how to calculate and find how much stamped concrete or Increte floor will cost in Nigeria.

How Long Does Stamped Concretes (Increte) Floor Last in Nigeria?

The average life span of stamped concrete in Nigeria is 25 years.

This is how long incretes floors can last without damage in Nigeria.

For your stamped concrete floors to live up to this long life span, adequate maintenance on the Stamped concrete is required.

Also, burning and making of naked fire on the stamped concrete must be avoided.

More still, Increte floor shouldn’t be used as base for pounding or cracking of strong items.

Does Grass & Weeds Grow on Stamped Concretes?

Some of the problems of most land grading and scaping face is growth grass and weeds on its surfaces.

This is where stamped concrete has an edge over other land surface grading patterns like interlock tiles.

Increte floor is devoid of growth of weeds and grasses.

This is the good advantage of Increte floor. Grasses and weeds do not grow on the surface areas where stamped concrete is applied upon.

This is very effective provided the Increte floor is well done and applied.

Is Good & Safe Idea to Construct Increte Floor Around Homes in Nigeria?

Stamped Concrete is a good land scaping and grading idea.

It keeps environment neat and protected from land degradation.

It also has a long lasting life span of average of 25 years.Also, stamped concrete is very easy to maintain.

It is as well one of the best land scaping techniques and designs in Nigeria.


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  1. Measurements should be done in feet not meters.

    The average price of Decorative Concrete Floor is #1,000 per ft².

    For labour only is #200 per ft²


  2. What is the current price per square meter of increte in Nigeria.

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