Cost Of Tooth Extraction, Scaling & Polishing In Nigeria (2024)

It is 2020 and not many Nigerians are taking dental treatment seriously. Toothache and teeth anomalies can be very hurtful and discomforting respectively.

cost of tooth extraction in nigeria

Just as applicable to other body parts, a tooth or teeth can some develop impairment which would require some services of professional dentists.

An infection on the tooth can lead to decay or damage extending to pulp this can require extraction just as misaligned teeth can be corrected with braces while cavity can be filled with amalgam.

However, in times of tooth or teeth problems, most Nigerian resort to self-medications and other traditional treatments which most times are not helpful.

It is always advisable to visit and seek the advice of dentist when faced with teeth impairment. Most times, patients shun visiting dentists during teeth problems on the reason of cost.

However, just as applicable all over the globe, teeth care and treatments are not the most expensive health cares.

It is against the above stated fact that Nigerian Informer have decided to review the cost of tooth extraction, teeth scaling and polishing in Nigeria.

This information will help patients with dentition problems make adequate budgets for their treatments.

This blog post is purely for informational purposes and should not replace the directives of professional dentists.

Tooth / Teeth Extraction

There are many reasons why a tooth or teeth can be extracted even though permanent teeth are supposed to last lifetime.


Infections could cause decay or damage to the tooth. The damage could extend to pulp there by allowing bacteria into the pulp and cause an infection.

When the infection is too severe and can’t be treated with antibiotics, an extraction may be recommended to avoid further spread.

Crowded Mouth

In preparing the mouth for orthodontia, a dentist might decide to pull or extract a tooth. This is to allow the dentist to properly align the teeth which may not be possible if patient teeth are big for the mouth.

Risk of Infection

Patient with compromised immune system who is about to have a more serious treatment like organ transplant or chemotherapy can have an infected tooth pulled.

Cost Of Tooth / Teeth Extraction In Nigeria

Cost of exacting a tooth or teeth in Nigeria depends on the clinic being visited. Government hospitals dental clinics charge cheaper amounts for dental extraction unlike private owned clinics.

In a government owned dental clinic, cost of tooth / teeth extraction is between N4000 to N8000.

In a private owned dental clinic, same service could cost between N5000 to N15000.

Teeth Scaling & Polishing

Teeth scaling and polishing are two dental procedures that go together. Teeth scaling is a dental process that is used to remove stains and excessive plaque buildup on teeth.

Teeth polishing is usually done after scaling to smoothen the teeth surfaces as scaling can be quite abrasive.

Cost Of Teeth Scaling & Polishing In Nigeria

Cost of scaling and polishing teeth in Nigeria varies from ownership of dental clinics.

In a government owned dental clinic, the treatment will cost around N10,000 while in a private dental clinic, scaling and polishing of teeth will cost between N15000 to N25000.


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