Cost of Wallpaper in Nigeria (2024)

Wallpaper Price in Nigeria

Wallpapers have come to stay and is fast gaining popularity in Nigeria.

Cost of Wallpaper in Nigeria

Wallpapers are easily available across major markets in Nigeria.

These wallpapers are predominantly used to give homes and offices a great look.

Aesthetically, wallpaper are better and more good looking than house paints.

Wallpapers comes in different colours, designs and types.

So, this makes it easy for user to choose wallpaper of colour and designs that appeals to them.

Apart from, major markets in Nigeria where wallpapers are sold, wallpapers can also be bought online using major e-commerce websites in Nigeria like Jiji, jumia and Konga.

These are some of the places to buy wallpapers in Nigeria.

In this article, we will be discussing the cost of buying wallpapers in Nigeria and the cost of fitting wallpapers in Nigeria.

Also to be discussed in this article is types of wallpapers in Nigeria as well as the best and strong wallpapers for homes in Nigeria.

How Much is Wallpaper in Nigeria

Often, people especially those in top cities seek to find out the cost of wallpapers in Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt.

This ia because these are cities with highest demand for wallpapers in Nigeria.

Wallpapers paper are sold in rolls and yards. So the number of rolls or yards to be bought as well as the type of wallpaper determines the price of wallpaper.

After markets survey across major cities and markets in Nigeria, like Lagos, Onitsha and Port Harcourt, we bring you our readers how much wallpapers are sold across Nigerian markets.

Wallpapers price across Nigeria starts from N5000 per roll.

However, other wallpapers of high quality and designs like 3D wallpapers and 5D wallpapers usually costs more.

Below is the prices of some rolls of wallpapers in Nigeria.

  • Classic Wallpapers = N5000 per roll
  • 3D Wallpapers = N9000 per roll
  • 5D Mural Wallpaper = N17,000 per roll

Specifically, wallpapers are sold according to designs and colours.

So, this makes price of wallpaper in Nigeria non -uniform.

However, these are average price of rolls of Wallpapers in Nigeria.

The general cost of Wallpaper to buy will be determined by the length of surface to be covered.

Cost of Wallpapers Installation in Nigeria

How Much it cost to paste wallpapers in Nigeria is a very reoccurring question.

Buying of wallpapers isnt much of a big deal as the process and art of pasting and fitting wallpapers.

The process and the labour of pasting wallpaper is a hectic one.

The price for wallpaper installation in Nigeria sometimes can out price the actual cost of Wallpaper.

Some artists charges about an average of N8000 to paste or install a room with wallpaper.

This does not cover the cost some materials for pasting and installation of wallpapers like adhesive.

Wallpapers Vs Paints in Nigeria

Many Nigerians has been arguing hard about the durability of wallpapers over paints.

Here is our position on the debate of wallpaper vs paints.

People usually ask which is better between paints and wallpaper in Nigeria.

While wallpapers give better aesthetics, paints are most durable.

Also, paints are easier to apply and maintenance while wallpaper requires expertise and isn’t easy to maintain too.

In most cases in Nigeria, before wallpapers are applied, the surface areas are mostly already painted.

So, in most cases both paint and wallpaper goes together.


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