Cost of Woods & Planks for Roofing in Nigeria

Having knowledge of estimate cost of woods for Roofing in Nigeria is a plus for those with intention of roofing for the first time or re-roofing of a house.

Cost of woods for roofing in Nigeria

This is because, you can be short-changed by your wood suppliers or carpenter handling the roofing project if you do not have an idea of how much it cost to buy woods for roofing a house in Nigeria.

Roofing of house is a reoccurring construction exercise as sometimes, re-roofing can be initiated to either replace damaged and weak roofs or to change the roofing design of a building.

Cost of roofing in Nigeria is not cheap generally as result of cost of roofing sheets, accessories,labour and woods. Roofing of a building requires numerous types of woods which cost different varying prices.

There are different types of woods which also comes at different prices and they includes: Hardwood, softwood, Obeche wood, and plywood.

How much the price of woods for roofing is in Nigeria is largely based to the type of wood being purchased.

In house roofing, there are many sizes and types of woods that is required and most popular amongst them are

  • 2 inches by 2 inches
  • 2 inches by 3 inches
  • 2 inches by 4 inches
  • 2 inches by 6 inches
  • 3 inches by 4 inches
  • 3 inches by 6 inches

These are some of the roofing woods in Nigeria that you are most likely to buy if you will be roofing your house.

The best way to buy woods for roofing is to make estimate calculation of how much number of woods that is required for roofing house.

This would be determined by the size of your house. Below is the cost and price of plank woods for roofing house in Nigeria.

Price of Wood planks for Roofing in Nigeria 2024

Below are some of the most demanded and needed woods for roofing and their costs in Nigeria.

Sizes                    Lenght                Price

2 by 2 (softwood)        12 ft             ₦600

2 by 3 (softwood)        12 ft             ₦700

2 by 4 (gmelina wood) 12 ft            ₦1,200

1 by 12 (gmelina wood) 12 ft          ₦5,000

4 by 4 (gmelina wood) 12 ft            ₦7,000

2 by 8 (gmelina wood) 12 ft            ₦9,000

3 by 4 (gmelina wood) 12 ft            ₦6,000

Cost of Afara Plywood for Roofing in Nigeria

1 sheet of ¼-inch– (N2,000 – N2,500)

1 sheet of ½-inch– (N3,500 – N4,000)

1 sheet of ¾-inch– (N5,000 – N6000)

Cost of Hardwoods for Roofing in Nigeria

3×4 – (N550 – N750)

2×6 – (N550 – N700)

2×5 – (N500 – N600)

2×4 – (N350 – N550)

2×3 – (N700 – N850)

2×2 – (N660 – N750)

Cost of Obeche Plywood for Roofing in Nigeria

1 sheet of ¼-inch– (N1,500 – N2,200)

1 sheet of ½-inch– (N2,700 – N3,500)

1 sheet of ¾-inch – (N4,200 – N5,000)

Cost of Softwood for Roofing Nigeria

1x2x12 – (N750 – N850)

2 x 3 x 12 – (N600 – N670)

2x 4 x 12 – (N820 – N900)

How to Calculate Wood for Roofing in Nigeria

We have already provided the prices and cost of different roofing woods in Nigeria in this post earlier. It is also imperative to get the actual estimates of the number of woods and other accessories that would be required for your house roofing.

Below are some factors that can aid you in budgeting for your roofing with regards to the number of woods needed.

Estimate of the Square Feet

This is very important in house roofing and it gives you hint of the total number of each type of woods that might be required for the house roofing.

This will give you clue on the number of each size of woods that may be needed for the roofing project.

Check out the Sizes of Woods

Woods are produced in various sizes for roofing. Getting your square feet will give you insight on the types and sizes of woods that would be required as well as their numbers. This is also aided by the type of roofing that is being undertaken.

Determine the Cost of Wood for Roofing in Nigeria

Price and cost of woods for roofing is subject to change and market forces drives the commodity.

Therefore, these prices should be an estimate for you before visiting wood market for purchase.

Also, procastination should be avoided as price change can incur high cost as the number of woods needed and used for house roofing is usually in high numbers.

It is good to budget surplus for cost of woods for roofing as it would cover any increment in price which might arise during the procurement and purchase.

End Note On Cost of Woods for Roofing in Nigeria

The current price of woods and planks for roofing in Nigeria is not same across major wood markets in Nigeria.

Oftentimes times the price of woods is influenced by law of demand and supply and therefore the above price list of woods for roofing in Nigeria can fluctuate.

So this article is meant to give you an idea of how much the woods and planks you need for your roofing would cost.

Woods and planks like 2by2 woods, 3by4 woods. If you intend to buy your woods for roofing in Nigeria cheap, it is important to visit major woods markets where competition and varieties would come into play.


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