Cost Price of Tipper Trucks in Nigeria

Trucks, especially the tipper ones are of great importance in every society as Nigeria.

These tipper trucks aside from using them to convey sands and stones for constructions purposes, tipper are used to convey heavy materials,goods and machines too.

However, majority of tipper trucks in Nigeria are mostly used for conveying of sand and stones of different types.

Most tipper trucks on Nigeria roads are mostly used tipper trucks of which some are foreign used tipper truck and other Nigeria used.

Also, there is Nigeria constructed tipper trucks. These are tipper trucks which it’s carrier and frame are constructed here Nigeria while it’s engine maybe be imported from abroad or Nigeria used.

All these classes of tipper trucks in Nigeria cost difference prices. So, the price of tipper trucks in Nigeria is relative and most times decided by how sound and use state that the truck is at.

Also, the volume and the carrier of tipper truck is another determining factor on the price of tipper truck in Nigeria.

Tipper trucks with big carrier and luggage volume like ten tyres tipper trucks are usually more expensive than the 6 tyres tipper trucks.

Before now, the most prevalent tipper trucks in Nigeria is the 6 tyres tipper trucks,but recently, there have been a significant increase in the use of 10 tyres tipper trucks in Nigeria.

Hence this post will among other things discuss the price of 10 (ten) tyres tipper trucks in Nigeria and the price of other tipper trucks.

Cost of Tipper Trucks in Nigeria

Cost of tipper trucks can only be estimated because there are numerous factors that determines how much tipper trucks cost in Nigeria.

The state of the tipper truck, the location of purchase, the carrier capacity of tipper trucks are some of the factors that pin down the price of tipper trucks in Nigeria.

Lets us give some estimated cost of tipper trucks based on our survey.

Price of Ten (10) Tyres Tipper Trucks in Nigeria

The ten tyres tipper trucks in Nigeria is the most sought-after tipper trucks in Nigeria.

It is currently the most used tipper truck in Nigeria and this is owing to its carrier volume and ability to hold upto 30 tons of sands or stone.

Majority of ten (10) tyre tipper trucks are foreign used like IVECO ten tyres tipper truck, while also minority of the tipper truck are Nigeria constructed.

The average cost of ten (10 ) tyre tipper truck that is foreign used is N25,000,000.

This cover the price of MACK 10 tyres tipper truck and Howo ten (10) tyres tipper truck in Nigeria.

This is just as ten (10) tyre tipper truck that is Nigeria coupled or constructed cost an average of N10,000,000.

Price of Six (6) Tyres Tipper Trucks in Nigeria

Unlike the ten tyre tipper trucks, majority of six (6) tyres tipper trucks in Nigeria are locally coupled and constructed.

Not many six tyres tipper trucks in Nigeria are shipped from overseas.

The average cost of six (6) tyres tipper truck in Nigeria is N5,500,000.

Nevertheless, most Nigeria used six tyres tipper truck would certainly cost very cheaper amount of about N2.5million to N3 million.

How Lucrative & Profitable is Investing in Tipper Truck Business in Nigeria

Some people ask,is it a good business to invest in tipper trucks business in Nigeria? The answer is obviously yes.

However, it comes with smartness and ability to monitor and control your drivers.

Investing in tipper truck business in Nigeria is very lucrative and profitable.

This is because these vehicles are multi purpose vehicles that can be used for other heavy job aside moving and selling of sands and stones.

More importantly, the sand and stones which is the major commodity these trucks convey are some of the most important materials for building constructions and other constructions.

It is a good business which demand close follow up on your drivers and his workers.

Tipper trucks business can easily pay you an average of N70,000 per week.

Some owners of tipper trucks earn more in a week but on average you can be assured of N70,000 per week.

Not many transport and truck business would pay as good as tipper truck business in Nigeria.

So, if you are contemplating of investing in tipper truck business in Nigeria, we can assure you it is very lucrative.

However,you must be on the toes of your drivers and have contacts for both building engineers and sellers of sands and stones.


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