Cost & Prices of Wheelchair in Nigeria (2023)

How Much is Price of Wheelchair in Nigeria

Wheelchairs are very vital assistive device which is used to aid mobility and improve quality of life especially for those who are disabled.

Prices of Wheelchair in Nigeria

Wheelchair  prices in Nigeria will be discussed and reviewed in this post.

Wheelchairs present opportunity for users to engage in certain activities that otherwise would have been difficult or impossible as a result of health concern.

According to an online report on physiopedia, about 20 million of those requiring a wheelchair for mobility do not have one.

Does it mean wheelchair is expensive in Nigeria? A look at prices of different types of Wheelchair will give us an insight about how expensive best strong wheelchair is in Nigeria.

This takes us to the central message of this post which is the cost of Wheelchair in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, it’s obvious that numerous people who are in need of a wheelchair do not have one.

This is because of the prices of Wheelchair in Nigeria. Hence most philanthropists and charity foundations is in constant provision of these highly cost wheelchairs whenever they find opportunities.

In this post, we will be providing Wheelchair prices in Nigeria.

This information on prices of Wheelchair in Nigeria will be significant to those who are looking to get one either for personal use or to aid those in need of it.

What is Price of Wheelchair in Nigeria

Price of Wheelchair in Nigeria varies depending on its functions, type and brand.

This is obtainable across the globe and not just in Nigeria. The user conditions might be a factor in determining the type of Wheelchair to buy.

Also, budgets also play role as wheelchair is a very expensive device in Nigeria.

It is important to note that Wheelchair does not give comfort, rather it is used to improve situations especially mobility and participate in community life.

There are two most common type of Wheelchairs, the manual Wheelchair and electric wheelchair.

In Nigeria, manual wheelchair is the most prevalent and commonly used.It is also cheaper wheelchair or one of the cheapest wheelchair in Nigeria one can buy.

Electric wheelchairs are more advanced wheelchairs which required little or non manual operation as most functions is automated and happen with a click.

So, the cost, prices of strong and long lasting wheelchairs in Nigeria will be evaluated using this blog post.

Factors The Determine Prices of Wheelchair in Nigeria

Major factors that play to Wheelchair prices in Nigeria will be discussed in this section.

One of the major factors that decides the prices of Wheelchair in Nigeria is the type of Wheelchair.

Manual wheelchairs and Electric wheelchairs is the most common type of Wheelchairs in Nigeria. These two types of wheelchairs are of different prices.

Manual wheelchairs are more cheaper and easily available in Nigeria.

The size of a wheelchair is also another factor the determine how much wheelchairs are sold in Nigeria.

Expanded and larger wheelchairs do not cost same amount with the medium and moderate size wheelchairs.

Also, the brand of Wheelchair also goes a long way in determining the price the wheelchair is sold in Nigeria.

These are some of the factors that determines wheelchairs prices in Nigeria.

Manual Wheelchair Prices in Nigeria

We will be providing the prices of manual wheelchairs in Nigeria.

This is most common used type of Wheelchairs in Nigeria. Below the Wheelchair prices.

  • Elegant Surgicals Wheelchair: N60,000 – N75,000
  • Rough Ride Wheelchair with control: N250,000 – N300,000
  • Drive Medical Wheelchair: N55, 000 – N90,000
  • 1001 Wheelchair: N45,000 – N60,000
  • Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair: N185,000 – N200,000

Electric Wheelchair Prices in Nigeria

Below is the prices of electric wheelchairs in Nigeria.

These wheelchairs are pretty expensive in Nigeria and cost between N550,000 to N3 million naira on average.

  • Palsy Power Wheelchair: N480,000 – N780,000
  • Leo Power Wheelchair: N700,000 – N1.2 million

Best and Cheapest Place to Buy Wheelchair in Nigeria

The best and cheapest places to buy wheelchairs is from direct merchants of medical equipments.

It is cheaper in open markets where medical devices and equipment are sold.

Conclusion on Prices of Wheelchairs in Nigeria

Before buying a wheelchair it is important that user consult and speak with medical professionals who will be in better position to determine the best type and most suitable wheelchair for a particular challenge.

Also budgets and durability should be put into cognizance when buying a wheelchair as well as environment where the wheelchair is mostly likely to be used often.


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