Driver’s Licence in Nigeria: Requirements & Cost (2021)

How Much is The Cost of Driver’s License in Nigeria

Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) is paramilitary agency charged with responsibility of issuance of driving licence in Nigeria among other duties.

Driver's License in Nigeria

Driver’s license in Nigeria is a document that gives a driver the permit to make use of cars and vehicles. Nigeria driver’s license is accepted in some cities od US and Some countries of Europe.

Driver’s license in Nigeria is paid for and validity for Driver’s license in Nigeria is 3 and 5 years and both costs different amounts. It takes 60 days to process driver’s license in Nigeria and 48 hrs for express procurement.

Getting of driver’s license in Nigeria takes some processes which involves numerous other agencies.

Read on while we unveil to you the process of getting Driver’s license in Nigeria as well as the costs and requirements of driver’s license in Nigeria.

Process of Getting Driver’s License in Nigeria

There are some processes that are needed for one to get driver’s license in Nigeria. Below are some of processes of getting driver’s licence in Nigeria.

Attended FRSC Accredited Driving School

Before applying for Driver’s license in Nigeria applicant must attend an FRSC approved driving school. After which applicant gets driving school certificate.

Get FRSC Learner’s Permit

You are also required to get learners permit. This most driving schools will help you get this

Presentation to Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO)

The driving school will present you to vehicle inspection officer for test driving. After successful test driving, a certificate of proficiency will be issued by VIO.

Eye Test Certification

Applicants will also be required to attend at eye test in any approved FRSC eye test clinics

Payment for Driver’s Licence

At this stage, applicant will be required to proceed to any bank of choice to pay for choice category of driver’s licence and procured payments teller for confirmation for presentation to FRSC office.

These are some of the processes involved in obtaining a driver’s license in Nigeria.

Requirements for Obtaining Driver’s License in Nigeria

Below are some of the requirements and prerequisites for obtaining driver’s license in Nigeria.

An applicant must be able to present all these documents before obtaining driver’s license in Nigeria.

  • Driving School Certificate
  • Learner’s Permit
  • VIO Test Certification
  • Birth Certificate / Age Declaration
  • Eye Test Certificate from FRSC Approved Clinics
  • Evidence of Driver’s License Payment (bank teller or print out)
  • National Identification Number 

These are requirements for obtaining or getting driver’s license in Nigeria

Cost of Driver’s License in Nigeria

How Much is the cost of obtaining driver’s license in Nigeria. This is a very important question yearning for answers.

Lets go straight to finding answers to how much is driver’s license.

The cost of driver’s license of 5 years validity is N10,450 while the cost of driver’s of 3 years validity is N6500.

Also, some of the processes of getting driver’s license in Nigeria comes at cost. Below are some of the cost of processes of obtaining driving license in Nigeria.

  • Driving School Certificate : N8,000 or more
  • VIO test Certificate : N1,000
  • Eye Test Certificate : N500
  • Tax: N1500
Cost of FRSC Driver’s License Express Procurement

There is window for getting driver’s license in Nigeria fast and express within 48 hrs. This process of obtaining driver’s can cost as high as N26,000.


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  1. Orekoya Funmi Olusegun

    NYSC has really used technology to address road safety issues.

    Kudos to the organisation. Many thanks.

  2. how much does leearner:s permit cost

  3. how much does a learner’s permit cost

  4. Is this not quite costly?
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  6. Whatis the age limit in obtaining a driver’s lisence in Nigeria

  7. What is the present cost and requirements to acquire a driving license.

    1. Driving licence in Nigeria currently cost around N25,000

  8. I need drivers license and plate number

  9. Please I will tell you of a truth, this information for the total prize of getting a new drivers license that is been displayed on the platform are not real, I just did a new one for my life now and am paying close to 27000 naira. Please lets be straight forward in this country…… Thanks

    1. It’s doesn’t cost up to that, they have cheated you.
      N10k or a little more for the driving school cert
      N3k in total for VIO office
      You can print the application form from their website for free
      N3k for miscellaneous….
      that’s all

      1. Hi..pls can you explain better intoto from the beginning the whole process

        1. Go through some comments on the topic am sure you do find some tips useful

    2. Please how many days,before it came out I meant your driving license

  10. Good morning,I apply for driving license since September 2021 in a driving school up still now is not out and it more than 60days,house pls any explanation pls

    1. Visit the frsc licensing office and liaise with licensing officers there. They will give you the details of what is stalling your license

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