Costs & Requirements For Traveling To Ghana From Nigeria (2024)

How to Travel to Ghana from Nigeria

Every year, many Nigerians embark on trip to west African country of Ghana either for tourism, business, job or in search of greener pasture.

cost and requirements for traveling to ghana from nigeria

This is because of the bilateral and brotherhood relationship which have existed between the two countries for many years.

Also, the country of Ghana, is an English-speaking country just like Nigeria and this makes adaptation very easy for Nigerians moving to Ghana.

This article will update readers on the necessary documents needed to travel to Ghana from Nigeria.

Also, this post will discuss the cost of bus transportation from Nigeria to Ghana.

Over 80% of Nigeria to Ghana travelers make use of road transportation.

For first time travelers, there are some requirements you will need to put together to engage in a smooth Nigeria to Ghana trip.

The above is what this article is all about. This article will also give you an idea of what you might be spending on transportation to Ghana from Nigeria.

Cost Of Traveling To Ghana From Nigeria

This part of the article will furnish you with the cost of traveling to Ghana from Nigeria by road.

To get to Ghana from Nigeria, by road, traveler will get to move pass two countries of Benin Republic and Togo.

In other words, the traveler must be prepared to cross three borders of Seme, Alakondji & Aflao.

Most Nigerians willing to travel to Ghana by road move through Lagos Seme. It is always advisable to ply with a well know transport company like GUO, YSGM, ABC etc.

The reasons are that these top transport companies already have a structure along the Nigeria Ghana route and knows how to facilitate and hasten the rigorous immigration and customs checks stationed at different border towns and highways.

The cost of traveling to Ghana from Nigeria by road, varies and depends on the means of identity the traveler possesses, as well as transport company chosen.

In most cases, travelers without any means of identifications like National Identity card, International passport & Driver’s License are made to pay higher as immigration officers and security personnel will be sorted out on their behalf.

However, for whatever category a traveler might fall into, be it ID held travelers or non-ID held travelers, the cost of traveling to Ghana from Nigeria by road is between N25,000 to N30,000.

Traveling to Ghana from Nigeria by flight will cost between N100,000 to N180,000 depending on flight used and take off destination.

Requirements For Traveling To Ghana From Nigeria

As a Nigerian, to move into Ghana demands some requirements. The good news is that both countries are members of ECOWAS.

Members of ECOWAS countries are allowed entry into ECOWAS countries visa free for a period of 90 days provided the visitor has means of identification.

Means of Identification

Means of identification acceptable in this scenario includes any of the following:

  • International Passport
  • National Identity Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Voters Cards

Nevertheless, for any circumstances that might warrant one to stay in Ghana above 90days, then the traveler will have to apply for permit to Ghana immigration authorities.

Yellow Card

Yellow card is another traveling document very important for African travelers. Yellow card is simply vaccination certificate which shows that the traver has undertaken necessary immunization and vaccinations.

If you do not have this certification, you will be charged at borders. To get yellow card in Nigeria cost around N2000.

Also, at Afloa border make sure you change your Naira currency to Ghana Cedis or you can as well get US dollars, as Naira is hardly accepted in Ghana.

Safe trip and be law abiding.


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