List of Courses You Can Study Without Chemistry in Nigerian University

Good Science Courses You Can Study Without Chemistry in Nigeria

Chemistry is one of the basic science subjects in Nigeria.

Coursed to study without chemistry

It is one of the subjects needed for admission into university to study a science course.

Nevertheless, there are numerous courses that can be studied without chemistry in Nigeria university.

Except for students who are seeking a specific career which involves chemistry as compulsory subject.

There are numerous other good science courses that students who fail chemistry can study in Nigeria.

So, students who failed chemistry and who do not want to resit for the examination can gain admission into Nigerian universities and study some good and interesting science courses.

Good Science Courses To Study Without Chemistry in Nigeria

For science students who does not want to write chemistry in their JAMB /UTME examination and are wondering what good course they can study without chemistry, this post will be helpful.

This article will seek to answers the following questions like.

Which Course Can I study with D7, E8 or F9 in Chemistry.

Good Courses To Study Without Chemistry.

Can I Get Admission to Study Science Course Without Chemistry.

We are aware many Nigerian students who are not good at chemistry are always nursing these questions and that is why we are bring the answers.

List of Courses To Study Without Chemistry in Nigerian Universities.

Some science students finds chemistry as a subject very challenging, hence they try to avoid the subject at all cost.

Unlike English language, chemistry is neither a compulsory subject for o level nor for JAMB/UTME.

A science student can choose to avoid chemistry both in their o level examinations and in their JAMB / UTME examination.

However this will be dependent on their choice of course.

Nevertheless, there are some good courses that can be studied without coming head to head with chemistry.

Below is the list of some good and interesting science courses the does not require students to sit for chemistry in JAMB.

Also, some of these courses does not require compulsory pass of chemistry in O level examinations to study in Nigeria.

  • Computer Science
  • Agricultural Extension
  • Building Technology
  • Architecture
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Project management Technology
  • Industrial Mathematics
  • Home Economics
  • Technical Education

These are some goods science courses that can be studied without chemistry either in JAMB or in O’Level.

For further probing and information on courses to study without chemistry, we advise students to consult the current JAMB /UTME brochures for updated subjects combinations.

It is important to note that as science students, good knowledge of chemistry gives you wide arrays of opportunities and more choices for courses.

We hope this post has done justice to some of the question raised in the article which seeks to probe courses and good science courses that can be studied without chemistry subject either in O level or in Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination or in o level examinations.


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