Court Affidavits Cost in Nigeria

This article is a review of the cost of Affidavits in Nigeria. Affidavits is a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court.

In Nigeria, an Affidavits can be sworn and made before law courts or notary public. However, many Nigerians explore the latter options.

The demand for affidavits is very high in Nigeria on daily basis. This may not be unconnected to poor documentation and record keeping in Nigeria public offices.

Despite high practice of affidavits in Nigeria, the true cost of getting court affidavits in Nigeria can hardly be ascertained.

This is because many bearers have had to pay varying amounts to get court affidavits in Nigeria. In this post, we will discuss the cost of getting court affidavits in Nigeria.

How Much is Court Affidavits in Nigeria?

There is hardly any specific cost of how much it takes to get court affidavits in Nigeria. The cost of affidavits in Nigeria has had to steadily increase over the years.

Currently, the cost of Affidavits in Nigeria is between N2000 to N5000 depending on the court visited and court clerk met.

On many occasions, how much you pay to get Affidavits in Nigeria is largely down to your negotiating skills and prowess.

This is because over 60% of the amount you pay to secure court affidavits in Nigeria doesn’t go to the court coffers but to court workers and typists.

Hence, the slated court affidavits cost in Nigeria is subject to negotiations. However, irrespective of court visited or you intend to secure affidavits from, the above stated amount can easily and conveniently get you one.

Best Court for Getting Affidavits in Nigeria

Oftentimes, people seek out or approach courts of higher jurisdictions to secure an affidavits with notion that affidavits from these courts is of higher standards.

However, from our interview with a seasoned legal practitioner, an Affidavits from any court of competent jurisdiction is valid and can be used for official purposes.

He further opined that affidavits from magistrate court is valid as those of high courts. Inotherwords, there is no better or best court to get an affidavits from in Nigeria.

So, when deciding on which is the best court for affidavits in Nigeria, your major factors should be :

  • Court of Competent jurisdiction
  • Proximity
  • Assessbility

So, depending on what the Affidavits is all about, visit any court with the jurisdiction and take oath on the subject matter.

End Note on Affidavits Cost in Nigeria

The cost or how much Affidavits is in Nigeria should not deter you from getting that important affidavits.

Oftentimes, ordinary Nigerians go for affidavits to either correct errors on documents or confirm information contained in a document.

At court, affidavits resides at the office of oath commissioner / registrar who administers Oath and assent his or her signature and stamp to confirm authenticity of the issued affidavits.

Generally affidavits cost in any court in Nigeria should be procured or gotten with N3000 price.

This is how much court affidavits cost in Lagos and how much you can use to get court affidavits in Abuja and Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


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