Current GOTV Price in Nigeria (2023)

Price of GOTV Decoder in Nigeria

GOTV, a digital terrestrial cable television owned by multichoice has taken Nigeria by storm.

Price of GOTV Decoder in Nigeria

According to a recent research done in one of the south east universities in Nigeria, GOTV is Nigerian’s most widely used cable television.

This maybe not be unconnected to the price and cost of GOTV, a  digital terrestrial cable television.

Also, the easy installation and set up of GOTV might have contributed immensely to the high patronage of GOTV.

Most people who use the cable television has attributed the price and cost of GOTV in Nigeria as one of the major factors that informed their patronage.

The question now is, how much is GOTV sold in Nigeria currently.

All these and more about GOTV Nigeria we will be discussed extensively in this post.

We will also be answering questions on if GOTV plays live football matches like Premier Leagues and Champions league.

So, we will be presenting the current price of GOTV in Nigeria. This article will seek to answer questions such as how much is the current price of GOTV in Nigeria?

GOTV Nigeria: Price & Cost

GOTV is one of the cable television predominant in West Africa and owned by Multichoice, Africa’s most relived satellite TV service providers.

GOTV Nigeria is known for its quality and reliable services which comes with cheap decoder price.

In Nigeria, GOTV is closely competing with Startimes and TSTV.

However, GOTV Nigeria through its action parked station is tends to be conquering Nigeria cable television space.

Cost of GOTV Decoder in Nigeria

The current and official price of GOTV decoder in Nigeria is N9500.

This is the official price of GOTV Decoder as sold in accredited Multichoice offices across Nigeria.

However, under promo and sales exhibition, the price of GOTV is usually slashed and sold for N6900.

This is usually done for a period of time after which the GOTV Decoder goes back to its official price cost of N9500 per decoder.

Best & Cheapest Place to Buy GOTV in Nigeria

The cheapest place to buy GOTV in Nigeria is at Multichoice accredited agents stores across Nigeria.

Here the true company price of GOTV are sold to customers and their biodata taken for after sale services and inquiries.

GOTV Subscription Price in Nigeria

GOTV has numerous packages which comes with different subscription fees.

The highest subscription fee for GOTV in Nigeria is N3600 for 30days.

This subscription package is called “GOTV Max”. It avails customers opportunity to enjoy over 50 television stations of which sports, entertainment, news and religion channels are included.

The Cheapest GOTV Subscription plan in Nigeria is “GOTV Smallie” which goes for subscription fee of N800.

Below is the list of GOTV subscriptions and prices.

  • GOTV Max = N3600
  • GOTV Joli = N2460
  • GOTV Jinja = N1640
  • GOTV Smallie = N800
Does GOTV Show Live Premier League Matches

Many intending GOTV decoder buyers has been asking if the cable station shows or airs live Football Matches especially English Premier League.

The fact is yes GOTV Nigeria airs or shows selected live Premier League matches.

In otherwords, GOTV does not show all live Premier league matches but only selected ones especially Saturday matches.

GOTV station/channel that shows Premier League match is Super Sports Select and Select 1.

Does GOTV Show Live UEFA Champions League Matches

Enquiries about GOTV showing live UEFA Champions League match has been growing over time.

The fact is that GOTV under GOTV Max subscription package shows selected Champion league matches.

However, critics has noted with disdain that the cable television consciously avoids showing star matches during Champions League week.

Nevertheless, the cable television station shows selected champions league matches during the champions league week.

GOTV channel that shows Champions league is Super Sports Select 2.

Does GOTV Show Live Football Matches

GOTV Nigeria shows live coverage of all La Liga football matches and Serie A matches for customers in GOTV Max subscription package.

So, GOTV customers on GOTV Max can watch all La Liga and Serie A football Matches.


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