Current Price Of Dangote Cement In Nigeria (2024)

Nigeria most popular and widely used cement is Dangote cement. It is one highest selling cement brands in Nigeria used mostly for building constructions and other construction purposes.

price of dangote cement in nigeria

Dangote cement is part of a business conglomerate, Dangote Industries Limited owned by Nigeria billionaire and business mogul, Alhaji Aliko Dangote.

The Dangote group is well diversified and is into heavy manufacturing in different sectors including foods, building material, oil and gas etc.

Nigeria Cement market has been a highly competitive one with several top cement companies like BUA, Eagle, Ibeto all improving and strategizing with intention of out doing one another and dominating the market.

However, Dangote cement which commenced production in 2007 has been a leading cement company in Nigeria.

The company has distributors and retailers at all nooks and crannies of Nigeria. Most Nigerians especially builders recommend Dangote cement as the best cement for building house in Nigeria because it dries up faster and as well is strong and solid.

Dangote Cement Manufacturing Locations

Dangote cemented is a multinational cement company as the company is also into cement production in some other African countries like Tanzania, Ivory Coast.

In Nigeria, Dangote cement is manufactured and produced from three locations namely, Ibese, Obajana and Gboko.

Dangote Cement Ibese Plant

Dangote Cement Ibese is one of the company’s production plant situated at Ibese town in Ogun State.

The Ibese plant of Dangote cement was opened in 2012 with 6Mta across two lines. The plant is supported by 1,488 cement delivery trucks.

Dangote Cement Obajana Plant

Dangote cement plant located at Obajana in Kogi state is the company’s biggest Cement plant in Nigeria at 13.25Mta capacity across four lines. The plant is supported by a fleet of 2,370 trucks.

Dangote Cement Gboko Plant

Dangote Cement Gboko plant is the company’s oldest and first cement manufacturing plant at 4.0Mta. It is in Benue State and has over 800 trucks for deliveries.

Price Of Dangote Cement In Nigeria Market : Review of Dangote Cement Price in Nigeria.

The price of Dangote cement in Nigeria is pegged at ₦6000 – N6100 per bag (50 kg). The above price is also the retail price of Dangote cement.

However, this price is subject to change based on location and other factors. In some locations a bag of the cement can go slightly above or below ₦6000 with difference of less than ₦200.

The wholesale price of Dangote Cement is ₦2,800,000 for wholesale package of 600 bags.


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