Top 10 Degrees (Jobs) That Will Always Be In High Demand In Nigeria

In developed countries with good economy, every degree should put food on the table and fetch decent life for the holder. No degree is superior to another as the world is inter dependent. As a young potential undergraduate, it is important to ask and answer the question of “what opportunities is available with one’s chosen course of study”.

10 degrees with high demand in nigeria labour market

Every society differs as such is their labour market. In advanced nations like USA, UK & Germany, the system has been worked out in a manner that one does not even need a degree to earn a good living.

This is made possible because of their economies and infrastructure.

However, in Nigeria and most other African nations, the biggest problem faced by every successive government is finding a solution overwhelming problem of unemployment and underemployment.

The above situation calls for a serious decision making for any student about getting into university to acquire a degree.

In simple terms, this post talks about the best degree courses to study in Nigeria.

Exploring the opportunities, a degree can present for holder is important in Nigeria because generally in Nigeria employment opportunity is very minimal and is in a sorry state.

That notwithstanding, every society is bound to have and settle disputes, no nations can survive without doctors.

we do still be living in stone age if there are no engineers.

To this end, this post presents top 10 degrees with highest demand in Nigeria.

This post will aid potential undergraduate make informed decisions regarding their career choices.

Top 10 Degrees With High Demand In Nigeria’s Labour Market

Degree In Computer Science And Software Development

We are in the computer age. Daily, every human activities and actions will be continually harnessed with use of computer.

Studying computer science & software development is a very good course in Nigeria.

Today, virtually most payment of any sorts have been digitalized.

Education is not left out, as in this era people now write exams online, in secondary schools, students profiles and results are now accessed online.

On job search, people now write their test in the comfort of their homes using a communication gadget.

Every business and individuals now own a website. Government also continue to drive people to embrace technology through its policies like the cashless policy.

The platforms for all these digitalized payments, education, jobs etc. are made possible as a result of software developers.

The demand for these computer gurus is crazy and their pay mouthwatering.

Banks, financial payment companies, multinationals are in constant need for software developers and computer scientists.

It might interest you to know that top earners in banks and payment solution firms like Interswitch are the software developers. These persons are regarded as technical people.

If you have a degree in computer science and software development and you are good at what you do, in your slumber, employers and individuals will always be look out for you. just be good at it.

The world is moving very fast and at this pace, we might someday take meals through applications.

Degree In Health Sciences

The courses we are talking about here includes Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, clinical sciences etc.

No matter your social status in the society, when you are ill, you can spend to nothing to get well and fit.

These courses are on high demand not just in Nigeria but world over.

There is been an increase emigration of Nigerian doctors and health professionals to abroad not because of lack of opportunities in Nigeria but for a better remuneration.

Most students avoid these courses because of high focus and hard work it requires to succeed in, but what is certain is that it present one with limitless opportunities.

Getting a degree health sciences is not a walk in the sand but you can step up and be brave and a hero, knowing fully well that people have been there.

Degree In Architecture

One of three basic need of man is shelter. Come what may, people are always on struggle to get a decent house where they lay their head.

For the rich housing is a big and lucrative business that is why real estate business continues to grow in Nigeria.

So, studying architecture is very lucrative in Nigeria and is a course in high demand in Nigeria.

It is architecture professionals that designs all and majority of edifices abound all over Nigeria and beyond.

Every house, even the ones in villages needs a plan for proper execution and these are works of architecture professionals.

Degree In Law

As humans we are imperfect and disputes must abound in our societies.

Law is one of the oldest profession and a noble one too.

Getting a degree in law affords one with lots of opportunities, ranging from attending and defending clients in courts, property management to legal advising, consulting among others things.

Some of the richest lawyers are not the ones in the courts, some are the ones managing multi-billion properties and consulting for top multinationals and firms in Nigeria.

Degree In Finance And Accounting

No company or individual jokes with its finance and that is why the services of financial experts will continue to soar higher.

Every year end, AGMs are held across business world with financial statements presented.

Audit department is becoming a very important department of most firms and government agencies and these are what financial experts do.

Opportunities abound for graduates of finance and accounting courses in Nigeria. Just be good at what you do.

Degree In Engineering

Courses here includes civil engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and automobile engineering.

Engineering courses are hard nuts to crack but with resilient and commitment and you can acquire degree one of these engineering fields and be good at it, definitely you would be out of job in Nigeria.

Talk about infrastructure, power, housing etc. these are made possible because of good engineers we have in Nigeria.

Nigeria is oil producing nation and engineers are highly needed in the processes of oil exploration. Choose a career today in engineering and be good at it.

Degree In Mass Communication And Public Relation

Demand for this degree is high in Nigeria and also the opportunities.

However, the pay in some sector of media job is so poor that one might wonder if he or she has wasted his or her time getting the degree in the field. However, some media and PR firms pay well too.

There are opportunities in the course as today top firms, government agencies and even politician employ the best image makers to help manage their images and sell them out to people.

As for the pay in this field, it is variant. Most times poor, very few times good.

Mathematics And Statistics

A degree in “maths and stat” as fondly called in Nigeria presents wide range of opportunities.

It is one of many courses most Nigerian students run away from because it demands hard work and high level of smartness, deep thinking and articulation.

If you are able to navigate through and get degree in “maths and stat” with good grade, your first offer might come from your university followed by limitless opportunities. Statistics keeping is required in all our human dealings.

Degree In Information Technology

The growth in technology has necessitated rise in demand of IT experts.

Firms are always on the lookout for expert will handle all forms of information technological duties. Getting a degree in IT is worth it.

Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka is one of the universities that offers a degree in Information Technology.

Degree In Aeronautics

Getting a degree in aviation is very marketable and viable in Nigeria.

This is the course to study to become an aircraft pilot in Nigeria.

Becoming a pilot is not easy and it pays to be one. As a degree holder in the aviation you are open to working with the Nigerian air force, private airlines and international airlines too.

One university in Nigeria that offers aviation courses is ABU Zaria.


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