Best Bike Delivery / Logistics Companies in Lagos (2023)

Bike Delivery and logistics services in Lagos is on increase.

Bike delivery in Lagos

This as a result of numerous factors which includes but not limited to high level of vehicular traffics, inaccessibility of some roads as well as uncoordinated house numbering of some neighborhoods in Lagos.

Lagos, though one of the smallest states in Nigeria in terms of land mass but is the most populous city in West Africa.

Driving or moving round Lagos city is a daunting task as a result of heavy traffic witnessed every single day.

Meeting up with time to deliver gifts or official documents in Lagos has not been effectively achieved through moving with vehicles.

This is one of the major reasons why bike delivery and logistics services in Lagos has become indispensable.

Thisday, bike delivery has become the most effective way to deliver gifts, letters and document within and around Lagos.

These Lagos bike delivery services easily beats heavy traffics on Lagos roads and can as well easily access some of the poorly planned Lagos neighborhoods.

Delivery and logistics services thrives on trust. Thus, only reliable delivery services are usually contracted for delivery services.

There are numerous bike delivery companies in Lagos, Nigeria, however, in this post, we will be providing the best bike delivery companies in Lagos.

Top Best Bike Delivery Services in Lagos, Nigeria

What makes for best delivery service is the efficiency of delivery, time management, safety and quality of staff.

While not all Lagos bike delivery companies can boast of meeting up with these yardsticks, there are some top bike logistics companies in Lagos that are very reliable and placed among the best bike logistics companies in Lagos.

Below is the list of best bike delivery and logistics companies in Lagos, Nigeria currently.


This is one of the leading logistics and courier service company in Lagos, Nigeria that engages in bike delivery.

They are one of the most reliable and safe delivery companies in Lagos.

Their bike delivery service in Lagos is affordable and of quality service.

Apart from Lagos, they also operate in some top cities like Abuja and Port Harcourt.

They offer same day delivery as well as next day delivery.

The Lagos address of Tranex delivery company is 28 Apapa-Oshodi Express Way, Lagos State.

Tranzit Nigeria

Tranzit Nigeria is one of the Lagos local courier and logistics company.

It is one of the fastest bike delivery service in Lagos.

Tranzit delivery charges can go for as low as N500 per delivery.

It is one of the best bike delivery service around Surulere, Lagos.

Red Star Express Plc

Another world leading courier company which operates effective bike delivery service in Lagos is Red Star Express Plc.

The delivery company is also a licensee of FedEx in Nigeria.

It among the leading best bike delivery services in Lagos.

Africa Courier Express

ACE is one of the largest logistics companies in Lagos that offer bike services.

The company deliver hundreds of packages daily with Lagos.

It is one pf the best bike delivery company around Lagos Island.


Nationdelivery is another top Lagos bike delivery and courier service company.

It is one of the most professional bike delivery service company in Lagos.

Their services are of top quality and reliable. It is one of the cheapest bike delivery companies in Lagos Nigeria.

Address of Nationdelivery is No 8, Unity Road, Lagos State.

Emporium Pick up & Delivery Services

This another best bike delivery company in Lagos state.

They are located at No 1, Olaniyan Close, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos State.

It is among the best bike delivery services around Ikeja Lagos.

They are very reliable delivery company in Lagos that is safe to deliver documents and letters.

Gidi Wide Express

This is one of the best and fastest logistics and courier service company within Lagos.

Specifically, their, bike delivery is top notch as they offer same day notice and same day delivery.

They charge as low as N1500 for all Lagos delivery.

Their bike delivery in Lagos is swift and fast too. It is the best bike delivery for gifts items and extreme deadlines.


This is another renowned world courier and delivery services operating in Lagos.

UPS has bike delivery services which is one of the most effective and trusted bike delivery services in Lagos.

It among the most professional and performing bike courier service companies in Lagos city.

They have numerous office across Lagos and can help get your items delivered timely through use of bike delivery in Lagos.

Omoroy Delivery Service

This another good delivery and pick up service company in Lagos, Nigeria.

Their bike delivery is swift, fast and easy too. They carry out delivery of foods, documents, goods and other item.

Omoroy is one of the best Lagos delivery and pick up service companies that you will not be disappointed to contract.

The address of Omoroy delivery Service is 42, Montgomery Road, Yaba Lagos State.

They are rated one of the best Lagos top courier services company.


DHl, one of the word most popular courier and logistics company has service known as cargo bikes.

This the company described as solving of new challenges using old ways.

DHL offer bike delivery within Lagos and it is one of the best bike delivery experience around Lagos.

DHL bike delivery is one of the best and top Lagos courier bike delivery services.

It is responsive and swift. DHL has offices across all parts of Lagos for taking others for delivery and bike delivery too.

It is no doubt one of the biggest and best bike delivery companies in Lagos Nigeria.


God is Good logistics & Gokada has partnered for effective bike delivery within and around Lagos Nigeria.

Gokada is one of the largest bike or okada delivery in Lagos state.

So, one of the top best bike courier service delivery company in Lagos is Gokada.

How much Gokada charge for item delivery is dependent on the distance and size of items to be delivered.


Dellyman is another fast rising bike delivery and logistics services company in Lagos.

The courier company bike delivery services is cheap and fast too.

They pride themselves on fast and same day delivery within Lagos.

Their address is 78B CMD Road, LGA, Kosofe, Lagos, Nigeria.


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