Difference Between DSSC & SSC in Nigerian Army

Nigerian Army DSSC & SSC

Direct Short Service Commission and Short Service Commission are Nigerian army recruitment exercises targeted at recruiting young and eligible Nigeria graduates into the Nigerian army.

Difference between DSSC & SSC

Annually, the Nigerian army organizes DSSC while SSC comes bi annually.

Nigeria Army DSSC & SSC are one of the major recruitment window through which one can join Nigeria Army.

Most Nigerians who wishes to join Nigerian army as graduates often get confused and do have knowledge of the difference between the two army recruitment exercises and its requirements cum functions.

It is against this backdrop that this article is geared towards providing a clear clarifications on the difference between DSSC and SSC in the Nigerian army.

Also this post will as well discuss the similarities between direct short service commission and short service commission.

Similarities Between DSSC & SSC in Nigerian Army

Direct Short Service Commission and Short Service Commission are both Nigeria army recruitment exercises.

Also, both DSSC and SCC are targeted at graduates only and specifically.

Difference Between DSSC & SSC in Nigerian Army

The difference between DSSC and SSC is that while DSSC is targeted at graduates with knowledge in a special fields like medicine, pharmacy, law, Accounting, Mass Communication, SSC is open to all graduates irrespective of course of study.

Also, Army officers who join through DSSC are expected to bring in their expertise into the service and help the army manage specific departments while officers who join army through SSC are trained to partake in military operations and hence are combatant officers.

So while military officer of DSSC are non combatant officers, SSC officers are combatant officers.

When Will The Nigerian Army Recruit for DSSC & SSC This Year

Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) is usually conducted annually while Short Service Commission (SSC) comes mostly bi annually.

There are no specific dates for recruitment into Nigerian army.

Those willing to enlist into Nigerian army either through DSSC or SSC are to always check with the Nigerian army official websites or official social media handlers for information concerning Nigeria army recruitment.

This is the best way to get information about Nigeria army recruitment.


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  1. Thanks for the clarification please for the sake of God if there is any information ill drop my email dm me true email please sir /ma God bless you

  2. Pls i want to join the military but the problem is i don’t know which to apply for either dssc or SSC and my question is this does dssc go in the field every time or is it SSC and which of them gets promoted faster

  3. Please can I know if I can apply for dssc with guidance and Counseling certificate ??

    1. If its degree certificate, then you can

  4. I study surveying and geoiformatics, HND, I wish to apply for DSSC. So please which one is best for my course of study, both DSSC and SSC, Sir?

    1. Its all about choice however, you might apply more for SSC

  5. Can i apply for dssc with BSC medical biochemistry

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