DJ Equipments & Prices in Nigeria (2024)

This post will focus on providing DJ equipments prices in Nigeria.

Price of DJ equipments in Nigeria

This is just as many young Nigerians both male and female are making career out disc jockey performance.

This article will not only provide the current price of DJ equipments in Nigeria but will also state the cost of major important DJ equipments for music mixing and performance.

The word “DJ” is an abbreviation for Disk Jockey. In Nigeria we commonly pronounce it “Deejay” .

A DJ is someone who plays recorded music for an audience.

DJs could serve for different occasions depending on what type of DJ it is.

Types of DJs can be classified into the radio DJ (those who anchor music programs on radio stations), club DJ’s (the work only at nightclubs or music festivals), mobile DJs (the work anywhere depending on who hires their services for private or public events like wedding, ceremonies, and parties.), turntablists (they use turntables to create mixes of record songs and to manipulate sounds).

There could be more to this list depending on how creative you decide to be with what you do.

Becoming a disk jockey isn’t quite an easy feat, it demands that you have an unflinching passion for discovering sounds.

Also having the best DJ equipments is one of the ways of becoming a professional DJ in Nigeria.

The career requires that you have a good knowledge about the fundamental of music and a know-how of the equipments involved.

A DJ works with all kinds of sounds or music from recording medias such as cassettes, CDs, or digital audio files.

This work can be done using a CDJ, controller or a laptop.

A disk jockey is usually named with their real name or nickname with DJ in front.

In this article, I will be discussing the equipments needed to function as a Disk Jockey or DJ and the price at which you can find them presently in Nigeria.

To become a well-equipped and standard DJ, it would cost you up to N2 million to buy all DJ equipments in Nigeria.

So, prepare to brace as we discover the cost of DJ equipments you need in Nigeria.

DJs mostly make use of audio equipments that allow them to play at most two recorded music at once, therefore enabling them to mix blend the songs together, inserting transitions between songs and producing a unique mix of audio tracks.

Here’s a list of the equipments required for your DJ work and their respective price in the Nigerian market.

Prices of DJ Equipments in Nigeria

Below is the costs and prices of full DJ kit in Nigeria and best places to buy DJ equipments in Nigeria.

Turntables Price

This allows a DJ to play Vinyl records. This device makes it possible to adjust the playback speed of a track music, either by using the speed knob or directly by using the fingers to manipulate the platter(a round disk-like structure on a turntable).

Turntables so allows DJs to match the tempos of different tracks to sync their beat together, so they sound in line by creating a perfect transition between both.

This process is known as beatmatching. There are two types of turntables, the direct-drive turntable and the belt-drive turntable.

It is advisable to get the direct-drive turntable because of its tested durability and versatility.

Presently, a turntable costs between N155,000 to N200,000 on online stores.

CDJs or Media Players Price 

This is typically a high-quality digital media player specifically designed for the purpose of DJing.

They usually have large jog wheel and pitch control mechanism which make it possible to manipulate the playback speed of digital tracks.

This process is similar to beatmatching in turntables.

This equipment usually comes with loops and waveform display feature, just similar to the software function.

Older devices supported floppy disks but now, you can use USB flash drives and SD cards to store the records you desire to work with.

You can get a CDJ for a price not less than N300,000 to N700,000.

Simply, the higher the price the greater the functionality.

DJ Mixers Price in Nigeria

This is a small audio mixing console for the DJing process.

They vary in sizes and this determines their complexity and functionality.

Smaller mixers have only two channels. The distinguishing feature of the DJ mixer is the crossfader.

The function is that it allows DJs to mix songs from multiple sources.

A DJ mixer can be purchase at an amount between N150,000 to N200,000.

DJ Headphones Price in Nigeria

The DJ type of headphone is much more different than ordinary headphones for normal users.

The best headphone for a DJ is one with higher quality and possesses qualities which are useful for DJs like headphones that filter noise and isolates the sound from the background noise.

Also, headphones with flexible headbands and pivot which would enable them to listen to one side of the headphone and the outside sound. You can get this at a price of N8,000 to N30,000.

Price of DJ Box in Nigeria

DJ box or DJ coffin is another very important DJ equipment required for starting professional DJ in Nigeria.

The current price of DJ box in Nigeria is on average N100,000.

DJ Software Price in Nigeria

This came as a result of advancement in technology, early DJs had to carry big equipment like the mixer and turntables all around but now there are software designed to run on computer systems that provide the same functionality as the mixer and the turntable.

This can help a DJ perform beatmatching. The DJ software always requires a DJ controller (an input/output device) before it can function properly.

This usually comes as a pack which is already licensed. DJ software cost price range of  N5,000 to N10,000.

If you intend to get the unlimited version or otherwise you can download it on the device you are using.

DJ Controller Price in Nigeria

A DJ controller is always used with a DJ software.

Once it is connected to the computer hardware, it avails you the opportunity of mixing songs directly without having to use the touchpad of your laptop or the screen of your phone.

It can be used as a turntable or a mixer. This also costs between N30,000 to N200,000.

Price of DJ Amplifier

Power Amplifier is very essential for those who want to start out as professional DJ.

It helps organise and project the desired sounds.

The price range for DJ amplifier in Nigeria is between N90,000 and N150,000.

The Amplifier final price will be decided by its power as specifications.

3power DJ amplifier is currently sold at the price of N148,000.

Price of DJ Woofers in Nigeria

Woofer is another basic DJ equipment that is needed for starting out as professional DJ.

Woofers helps to harmonize the sounds and give out heavy bass as may be demanded by the DJ player.

DJ’s Woofer current costs an average of N200,000.

So, the number of woofers to be bought will be determined by the financial strength of the person involved and how big he or she wants to start up DJ in Nigeria.

Price of DJ Speakers in Nigeria

Professional DJ Speakers in Nigeria is very expensive especially foreign DJ speakers.

The current price of DJ speakers in Nigeria is around N200,000 for single foreign DJ speaker.

Price of DJ Stand

DJ stand is very essential and cannot be left out of major equipments for starting DJ business in Nigeria.

The price of DJ stand in Nigeria is around N45,000.

The above mentioned are basic equipments need for you to start off as a standard Disk Jockey.

But there are other equipments you might want to try; they’ll improve the quality of services you offer.

These equipments include, Laptop, microphones (to introduce yourself and talk to the audience over a sound system), electronic effects units such as delays, reverb, octave, equalisers, chorus e.t.c, public address systems, samplers , sequencers and electronic musical keyboards.

These additional equipments will enhance the quality of your work as a DJ.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and I want to believe that it was helping in getting you started as a DJ.

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