Iron Doors Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Price of Iron/Steel Doors in Nigeria

The type of doors installed in a home or an apartment can go a long way in providing security for the house or the apartment.

Iron door prices in Nigeria

Doors are very important building material that cannot be overlooked.

Local wooden doors are gradually going into extinction while iron doors and foreign doors are taken over Nigerian markets.

Nigerians has never hidden their preference for iron or steel doors.

This is because of some advantages which iron doors has over wooden or glass doors.

Some of the reasons while Nigerians has embraced iron and steel doors is because it enhances security of house.

It is also durable and can last for a long time as wells as its aesthetic qualities.

While many Nigerians prefer iron and steel doors in Nigeria, only but a few and mostly the affluent can afford it as a result of high cost of these iron and steel doors in Nigeria.

The price of iron doors in Nigeria by far beats down the prices of Nigeria wooden doors.

In this article, we will be discussing the prices of Iron and steel doors in Nigeria.

We believe information on the cost of Iron / steel doors in Nigeria will be very beneficial to some people who might be seeking to install or fix one either in their homes or office or working places.

Iron / Steel Doors Prices in Nigeria

Here we will talk about the price of iron doors in Nigeria. The price of iron and steel doors in Nigeria comes with the quality of the door.

All iron/steel doors are not of same quality. The superior or best iron doors in Nigeria are referred as the Original Iron and steel doors.

They come in higher prices than the less quality iron doors. Also, the prices of Iron doors are determined by their designs.

Steel doors with beautiful and sophisticated designs is likely to cost higher than iron doors with simple designs.

So when making purchase of Iron doors you should work according to your budget.

Price of Original Iron/ Steel Doors in Nigeria

The price of original iron doors in Nigeria is around N23,000 per one.

However, If you are buying in quantity, the prices can be negotiated a bit down. This is the actual cost of steel and iron doors in Nigeria.

Most of these iron doors are locally made and constructed in Nigeria.

Also, the price of low quality iron doors in Nigeria starts around N15,000 per one.

However the durability and ruggedness of original steel doors cannot be compared with those of less quality ones.

But the fact remain that they both are better at providing security than wooden and locally made doors.

We hope this post on prices of iron doors in Nigeria helps some one out there who is about to make purchases or installation of iron & steel doors in their homes.


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  1. It’s ok. But your research should be reviewed every month, for accurate information about the current prices of doors each month.

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