DSTV Decoder Prices in Nigeria

This article will seek to answer questions bordering on how much is cost of DSTV in Nigeria.

DSTV is a digital satellite television owned by multichoice, a South African cable television firm.

DSTV has equally established itself as one of the bigesst and major satellite television or cable television in Nigeria.

It is the most used cable television in Nigeria as well the most popular too.

Despite quality television services being provided by DSTV in Nigeria, many customers and users has accused the company of running an expensive cable television in Nigeria right from purchase to subscriptions.

Many argued that the price of DSTV in Nigeria is one of the most expensive across operating countries.

Nevertheless, it is still Nigeria’s major cable television network with thousands of purchases and installation being witnessed everyday.

In this post, we will review the prices of DSTV in Nigeria.

This will be able to give those interested in buying DSTV the likely amount to budget to be able to buy DSTV decoders in Nigeria.

The price of DSTV in Nigeria is uniform and this is because DSTV decoders is sold across DSTV accredited outlets across Nigeria.

So, the cost of DSTV decoder in Nigeria is almost same nation wide.

Read on to ascertain how much price DSTV is sold in Nigeria

Price of DSTV in Nigeria

Price of DSTV decoder usually change during promo periods.

These are periods when multichoice intentionally lowers prices of its satellite TV decoders in Nigeria so as to increase patronage like during Christmas, major international football events and other significant national or global events.

During these periods, the price of DSTV decoder is usually cheaper.

However, if you are buying during normal times outside promo periods, you will buy at the full and official price of DSTV.

Here is breakdown down of the current official price of DSTV decoder in Nigeria.

DSTV HD Zapper Decoder – N18,000 to N25,000

This is one of the cheapest DStv decoders to buy in Nigeria.

It comes with DStv dish and one month subscription. It is the cheapest DStv in Nigeria and does not support download or playback features too.

With installation, the total cost of this DStv decoder in Nigeria is pegged around N30,000.

DSTV installation requirements technical know how. This is because of the complexities that is associated with installation of DStv.

DSTV Explora Decoder – N55,000 to N68,000

DSTV explore is a special type of DSTV with exciting features such as download feature, playbacks etc.

It is the most expensive and more multifunctional DSTV decoder available in Nigeria.

It also gives you access to box office for downloading or viewing of blockbuster movies.

The disparity in the price range of this DStv decoder is because there are many variants of DStv Explora decoder.

So, each explora has its own specific price but the above price range covers all DStv Explora decoder cost.

DSTV Promo Prices

During promo, the price of DSTV can crash to as low as N9500 for DSTV HD Zapper decoder, while DSTV Explora decoders can go for as low as N25,000.

However,these are just promo price of DSTV and not the official price.

Best & Cheapest Places to Buy DSTV in Nigeria

There are different places and locations where you can buy DStv in Nigeria at cheaper prices and rates.

This places to purchase DStv in Nigeria will offer you good and official prices of DStv decoders in Nigeria.

So, when buying DStv, consider buying from these places.

DStv Offices

The best and cheapest places to buy DStv remain the company’s offices in Nigeria.

Also, DStv can be purchased from the company’s official website and it will be delivered to you.

However, DStv office is not available at all states of Nigeria.

DStv Accredited Outlets & Retail Stores

Another good place where you can make purchase of DStv decoder in Nigeria is at DStv accredited outlets and retail stores.

These are accredited agents and partners of multichoice.

They are present across all states of Nigeria. They also sell the official prices of DStv decoders.

Major Online Stores

Major online stores such as Jumia and Konga are some of the trusted online stores where you can make purchase of DStv decoders in Nigeria.

These online stores engage in sale of DStv decoders in Nigeria at official prices.


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