Ecobank Salary Structure in Nigeria (2022)

Salaries of Ecobank Staff in Nigeria

Ecobank Transnational Inc. Popularly known as Ecobank is a high salary paying bank in Nigeria.

Ecobank Salary Structure in Nigeria

The bank is one of the biggest banks in Nigeria by assets.

This is because the pan African bank as also referred to has facilities across numerous African countries where it operates.

Ecobank salaries for new staff and contract staff will be provided in this article.

Ecobank has operation Licence across 36 African countries, this makes the bank a leading independent regional banking group in West Africa and Central Africa, catering and growing wholesale and retail customers.

Ecobank also has subsidiaries in Eastern and Southern Africa.

The bank operate representatives offices in Dubai, France, Uk and other foreign countries.

These achievements places the bank on the big stage as a leading bank in Nigeria.

Ecobank Salary is the major discourse in this post.

Most Nigerian graduates who wants to build career with the bank do not cease to ask questions such as How much does Ecobank pay contract staff, What is salary of new staff at Ecobank as well as Ecobank Salary for entry level staff.

These questions and more concerning Ecobank Staff Salaries will be discussed and dissected in this article.

In otherwords, finding out how much Ecobank pay as salaries is the major content of this work.

Ecobank Salary Structure in Nigeria: How Much Ecobank Staff Earn as Salaries

Ecobank salaries in Nigeria is not the biggest in banking industry, nevertheless, the bank offer its staff a good pay cheque.

We relied on interviews with Ecobank staff in coming up with salaries of different staff at the bank.

Of course just as obtained in many cooperate sectors and banks in Nigeria, Salaries at Ecobank is paid based on roles, employment status and number of years in service.

These are some factors that affect salary of staff at Ecobank.

Apart from the semi skilled staff of the bank ie security guards, cleaners etc.

The skilled staff of Ecobank is either of contract staff or full-time staff. This is not just perculiar to Ecobank alone.

The use of contract staff in Nigeria banking industry has become a norm.

So, in this article, salary of contract staff at Ecobank will also be highlighted.

How Much Ecobank Pay Staff

Below is different classes of staff at Ecobank and how much their salaries is.

This also include salary of cleaners and security guards at Ecobank.

Ecobank Salary for New Staff

Salary of new full-time staff at Ecobank is about N120,000 per month.

This amount cover the entry level salary at Ecobank.

The new staff at Ecobank mostly come in as entry level staff through graduate trainee program.

The salary of new permanent staff at Ecobank is competitive and is not poor when compared to what obtains in the industry.

Ecobank Salary for Contract Staff

Salary of contract staff at Ecobank is about N65,000 per month.

This salary is subject to periodic increment based on performance and contract renewal.

Ecobank contract staff salary is not as high as those of Gtbank or Zenith bank, however it is still attractive.

Ecobank Salary for Cleaners & Security Guards

Salary of cleaners and security guards at Ecobank is between N30,000 to N45,000 per month.

Salary of this class of staff at Ecobank is good when placed side by side with those of other top commercial banks in Nigeria.

Ecobank Salary for Experienced Hire

Salary of experience staff in Ecobank is based on role and position.

Some experience staff of Ecobank bank earn as high as N250,000 per month.

Technical staff at Ecobank like systems and software engineers are one of the best paid staff at the bank.

Salary of systems and software personnel is by far above those of non technical staff.

These IT staff of Ecobank earn salaries of about N300,000 to N400,000 per month.


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