Rechargeable Electric Bicycles Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Electric bicycles also known as E-Bike is the newest revolution in bicycle in industry.

Prices of electric bicycles in Nigeria

Popularity and use of electric bicycles in Nigeria is increasingly rapidly especially across Nigeria’s major cities.

In this post, a review of the prices of electric bicycles in Nigeria will be done.

Across major cities in Nigeria, electric bicycles can be seen running down streets and roads.

This shows how much people are beginning to embrace the rider friendly and new rechargeable bicycles.

This type of bicycle is totally different from the traditional bicycle because of its mode of operation.

Some electric bicycles (e-bikes) run solely on electric motor after being recharged electronically.

This is not same with the traditional bicycle which requires constant application of force to its pedals to keep moving.

Electric bicycles in Nigeria is not yet rampant and most people are already in love with the new bicycle trend.

Finding out how much electric bicycles (e-bikes) are sold in Nigeria will be very important for those making plans to buy one.

So, in this article, best electric bicycle prices in Nigeria will be evaluated.

Also, this post will not leave out discussing different type of rechargeable electric bicycles in Nigeria.

Through this article, answers for inquiries like which electric bicycles is the best in Nigeria will be provided.

Best Electric Bicycles (E-Bikes) in Nigeria & Prices

There are different brands and types of electric bicycles in Nigeria.

The price of electric bicycles in Nigeria is highly determined by the brand of the electric bicycles as well as the type of electric bicycle one is buying in Nigeria.

So, these are some of the factors that determine how much electric bicycles cost in Nigeria.

Below is the prices of different categories of electric bicycles in Nigeria.

Price of Brand New Electric Bicycles in Nigeria

Brand new electric bicycles prices in Nigeria is usually high.

These are new and first hand electric bicycles in Nigeria.

According to survey across major bicycle markets in Nigeria, brand new electric bicycles in Nigeria cost price is between N250,000 to N500,000.

The final price of the new electric bicycles in Nigeria will be determined by the brand and the type of e-bicycle being or about to be purchased.

Price of Used Electric Bicycles in Nigeria

Second hand electric bicycles or used electric bicycles in Nigeria is very much prevalent and popular.

Some people as result of high price of new e-bikes in Nigeria, resort to buying second hand and used electric bicycles in Nigeria.

Hence, the sale of already used electric bicycles in Nigeria has became a big market.

How much is the price of used & second hand electric bicycles in Nigeria? Read on to find out.

Used and second hand electric bicycle prices in Nigeria ranges between N110,000 to N285,000.

The final and specific price for this type of electric bicycles in Nigeria is determined by the type, brand and how neat and sound condition the e-bicycle is. This is the cost of used e-bikes in Nigeria.

Types of Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles otherwise known as e-bicycles comes in two major types which are:

Pedal-Assist Electric Bicycles

Full-Power Electric Bicycles

Irrespective of they type of electric bicycles, these new morden rechargeable e-bikes is massive upgrade from the old traditional bicycles.

They are by miles faster than the old traditional bicycles.

Also, the new e-bicycles are stress free and it requires little or no power input from riders to be able to funtion and run.

Another massive reasons and advantages of electric bicycles over the traditional old bicycles is distance.

The electric bicycles can be used to cover longer distance without stress unlike the old all pedal bicycles.

Now, let’s do an assessment of the two types of electric bicycles available in Nigeria.

Pedal-Assist Electric Bicycles

This is one of the most popular and prevalent electric bicycles in Nigeria.

These are electric bicycles with pedals installed in them used to assist the bicycles incase it runs out of power or battery failures.

So, this type of electric bicycles comes with both batteries snd pedals for assist and incase of eventualities. They are very popular and highly used in Nigeria.

Full-Power Electric Bicycles

This type of electric bicycles is fully and solely powered by batteries.

It does not require pedals but rather have foot rest pedal.

It comes with big batteries and motor hub which are used to power and set on the e-bike. It is also one of the best electric bicycles in Nigeria.

All the rider using this type of electric bicycles have to do is master the control while the bicycle automatically run seamlessly.

To use this kind of electric bicycles, the batteries must be charged as it is not assisted by pedals.

How Far Distance Can Electric Bicycles Cover

Most people willing to buy and use electric bicycles are always quick to ask questions about how far distance can electric bicycles run in Nigeria.

The pedal assisted electric bicycles in Nigeria run a distance covering about 70 to 80 miles.

This also as the full – power electric bicycles can run and cover distance of about 35 miles.

This is how far electric bicycles can run with one recharge or before being required or needing to be recharged.

Factors to Consider Before or When Buying Electric Bicycles in Nigeria

There are certain things to put into cognizance before buying electric bicycles in Nigeria.

This is important because these things will determine your experience with electric bicycles.


When buying electric bicycles, seek out the one that will give you maximum comfort based on your size and length.

Electric bicycles comes in different sizes, designs and build.

So it is imperative to go for electric bicycles that gives one maximum comfort while riding or using them.

Brand & Support

This is another factor that needs to be considered when buying electric bicycles.

It is important to purchase brands that can easily be serviced and its support and after sale service easily found across Nigeria.

This will help user to fix or repair any damage which can come up at any point in time.


Batteries is one of the major things to consider when buying an electric bicycles.

This is because electric bicycles run and operate with help of batteries.

So only electric bicycles with big and strong long lasting batteries should be put into consideration.

This will help the rider have a quite wonderful riding experience.

Incessant battery failures will make the e-bike less enjoyable and useful to rider.


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