ESUT Postgraduate School Fees 2023/2023

ESUT School Fees for PGD, MSc & Ph.D

In this post, we bring to you amounts paid as school fees for different Postgraduate studies in Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT).

Esut Postgraduate school fees

In specifics, the current MSc, PhD and PGD school fees at ESUT is what this post will focus on.

Thisday, a lot of Nigeria graduates undertake postgraduate programs as a result of inability to gain employment immediately after graduation or so as to stand out from the teeming unemployment graduates who are scratching for few available jobs.

To undertake Postgraduate programs, it is expected that students should be financially stable and viable to be able to carry out the rigorous research works which accompany Postgraduate programs.

Enugu State University of Science & Technology is one of the best state universities for Postgraduate programs in Nigeria.

It is one of the universities in Nigeria that accepts Third class Honors for Master degree program.

ESUT is also one of the better enqipped state universities for Postgraduate programs.

Often, intending students of Postgraduate programs especially in ESUT are eager to find out what the school fees or tuition fee of the program is.

This is so as to know if they have the financial capacity to undertake the program.

It is the above problem that necessitated this article. So, this post answers questions like what is ESUT PhD school fees as well as How much is ESUT MSc school fees among others.

The good news about ESUT Postgraduate school fees is that, it is within the range of most state government owned universities in southern Nigeria.

Also in this write up, we will be providing the ESUT PGD school fees with amount payable as acceptance fee for ESUT Postgraduate programs.

This information will be highly significant to intending students for ESUT Postgraduate programs.

ESUT PG Acceptance Fee

ESUT Postgraduate acceptance fee is normal pegged at N26,000 to N30,000.

This fees must be paid as a confirmation for acceptance of offer of admission. ESUT Postgraduate acceptance fee is non refundable.

ESUT Postgraduate School Fees

Below is the school fees for ESUT Postgraduate programs including PhD, M.Sc and PGD.

Here the amounts as school fees for each ESUT PG programs are provided.

ESUT PGD School Fees

Postgraduate diploma (PGD) is one of the Postgraduate programs offered at ESUT.

ESUT PGD program is conducted under two sessions, the course work session and Thesis session.

PGD school fees at ESUT is N111,300. The school is to be paid twice during the two sessions of the program.

However extra years spent at program outside the stipulated duration attracts extra fees.

Duration For ESUT PGD

Duration for PGD program in ESUT is slated for 18 calendar months.

Inability to meet up with program requirements may incur additional time.

ESUT MSc School Fees

MSc school fees at ESUT is N131,300. The school will be paid twice if the student graduates within program schedule.

However, additional stays outside the program duration attracts extra fees.

Duration For ESUT MSc

Duration for MSc at ESUT is officially slated for 18 calendar months for full time students. For part time students, M.Sc duration at ESUT is 24 calendar months.

ESUT PhD School Fees

ESUT PhD school fees will be paid three times if the student graduates within program schedule.

PhD school fees at ESUT is pegged at N151,300. Extra years spent at the program will incur extra fees.

Duration For ESUT PhD

Duration for PhD at ESUT is slated for a minimum of 3 calendar years and maximum of 5 calender years.

For part time students, maximum is 6 calendar years.


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