Cost of Evacuation & Cleaning of Soakaway/Septic Tank in Nigeria (2023)

This article will evaluate how much it cost to evacuate and clean up soakaway or sewage tanks in Nigeria.

Cost of cleaning Soakaway in Nigeria

Sewage management and disposal is still a big challenge in Nigeria.

The cost of evacuation of soakaway contents is quite expensive and this leaves many people adopting many unhealthy methods of sewage disposal.

So many Nigerians that find the cost of evacuation of soakaway/septic tank expensive are likely to either delay soakaway/Septic tank sewage evacuation and disposal or use unhealthy approach which can be dangerous to health.

On the other hand, some house owners in Nigerian cities especially those yet to evacuate or clean their soakaway tanks may not be in the know of how much sewage disposal companies in Nigeria charge to clean and evacuate septic/soakaway sewage in Nigeria.

This is why this post has become very important and a guide to know what soakaway cleaners charge to evacuate soakaway and septic tank sewage in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt etc.

So, this post will give an insight to the cost of cleaning and evacuating soakaway/Septic tank sewage in Nigeria.

Factors That Determines the Cost or Price of Cleaning&Evacuating Soakaway Sewage in Nigeria

There are certain factors the affected how much Soakaway cleaners in Nigeria charger to dispose soakaway or septic tanks sewage in Nigeria.

Some of these factors will be discussed below in the next segment of this blog post.

This are some the things that will determine how much it can cost you in Nigeria to evacuate and clean up your septic tank and soakaway.

Size & Number of Soakaway/Septic Tank

The size and the number of soakaway or septic tank to be cleaned determines how much soakaway cleaners charge for the service.

The larger the septic tank the higher the charges.

This is because the sewage tanker may not evacuate the entire soakaway waste in one trip.

So, this will definitely incur more cost to clean and clear the Soakaway or Septic tank.

Location & Distance from Sewage Discharge Point

The Distance between the septic tank or soakaway to be cleared and the point or location of its disposal do also impact the cost of cleaning and clearing Soakaway sewage.

Soakaway and Septic tanks with very long distance kilometers to the discharge points can also affects how much it will cost to clean and evacuate the Septic Tank contents.

Soakaway/Septic Tank Cleaning & Evacuation Costs – N70,000 -N105,000

The current average cost of evacuating soakaway sewage in Nigeria starts from N70,000.

Some sewage disposal companies can charge less in mid class cities and less populated cities.

In cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja, the cost of evacuating and cleaning soakaway sewage is between N70,000 to N100,000.

The size of the Septic tank and location will determine the final price you might be charged to have your sewage evacuated.


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