Fake Pastors & Prophets in Nigeria (2024)

Fake Pastors and Prophets in Nigeria: How To Identify Them

Nigeria is in religious brouhaha and situation isn’t getting any better. Many have criticized what can be termed commercialisation of religion in Nigeria.

Fake Pastors in Nigeria

Every year in Nigeria, numerous churches and religious groups keeps springing up especially among the Christian faith.

This post will tell you about fake Pastors & Prophets in Nigeria.

It is not easy to identify fake pastors and prophets in Nigeria as most people on the pulpit claim to have been called.

Most Nigerian pastors and acclaimed men of God are being criticized and termed fake for their pursuit of wealth and gratifications using pulpits.

Comedian have joked that churches in Nigeria can be represented using the 26 letters of alphabets.

Many fake Pastors and Prophets have been busted indulging in extortion and pre planned miracles.

Nevertheless, Christianity in Nigeria keep witnessing the influx of fake Pastors and acclaimed men of god.

The holy Bible made it clear “Not everyone that calls me Lord will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven”.

So, mere mention of God’s name and preaching his words does not in any way makes one his true servant.

The essence of this post is to give tips on how to identify fake Pastors and Prophets in Nigeria. Fake Pastors in Nigeria are numerous and they are only out to exploit and extort the Christians in Nigeria.

In this article, we will be discussing some characteristics of fake Pastors in Nigeria.

Look out for these features when dealing with Nigeria pastors and men of God, so as to identify their motives behind their cassocks and pulpits.

So, this is how to find fake pastors operating in Nigeria.

How To Identify Fake Pastors in Nigeria

Fake pastors and prophets are abound in Nigeria. Nigerian pastors are fake when they starts displaying the following characters and attitudes.

They Only Preach Prosperity

Christiandom is not all about prosperity and winning. These pastors who preach about crown without cross are simply out to sugar coat their congregation and get into their pockets.

As Christians, the holy book tells us to be ready to face the world and however be encouraged by Jesus who has defeated the world.

Most fake Pastors in Nigeria won’t tell you that you will pass through hurdles to get it right. Get wary of Pastors with this style in Nigeria because they are fake Pastors and Prophets.

Mandatory Tithing

This is why many fake Pastors emerge in Nigeria. To enjoy 1/10th of your monthly earnings under three umbrella of Abrahmic law and principles.

Fake Pastors in Nigeria will stop at nothing to convince you that paying of tithe is sacrosanct even then Jesus Christ who owns the church have noted that love and obedient to the words are more important than tithe.

Any pastor who would not let you be because you have paid or given your tithe is simply a fake pastor and fraudster in cassock.

Never Practice What They Preach

Fake pastor in Nigeria can be identified by this syndrome. They never practice what they preach.

They preach aids and alms giving but can not let go of their wealth to either train children of the poor in their church or pay hospital bills of their sick members.

They preach humility and tolerance but they are very pompous and proud of their earthly acquisition like cars, jets and buildings.

Luxurious Lifestyle

Bible made it clear that we cannot serve two masters at once. Luxurious lifestyle has a way of bringing out greed and pride in people.

Pastors who display their newly acquired exotic cars, houses and jets to public are simply fake Pastors who are living out their dreams of balling hard using tithe and offering collections.

Humility and decency is one of the characteristics of men of God.

Competition to Acquire More Members

Fake pastors in Nigeria are always in competition to get more members for their church or denominations.

When a member leaves to join another church, that member is tagged unbeliever and ungrateful.

One begin to wonder if the church is not of the Lord. Pastors with this attitude, to them, the church is business and their members are his customers. No businessman will be happy to loose a customer.

Money for Consultation and Prayers

Any pastor or acclaimed men of God who demands money before given you access or praying for you is a fake Pastor.

This kind of fake Pastors are many in Nigeria. The Bible charged us to give freely because we received freely.

They Only Move with the Rich and Politicians

They are fake Pastors when they have nothing to do with the poor and less previleged. They dine and wine with politicians.

They pay political office holders visits and offer them prayers even they are not invited. They also demand for brown envelopes.

They are Cowards

Fake Pastors in Nigeria are alway cowards. They cannot tell the truth to the faces of the rich and powerful.

They do not want to loose their friendship with these powerful and elites in the society.

Conclusion on Fake Pastors and Prophets in Nigeria

These and many more are some of the attributes of fake Pastors in Nigeria. These fake Pastors are increasing by every minute in Nigeria.

Christians and children of God should be wary of these kind of acclaimed men of God to avoid falling prey to their antics and motives.


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