Federal Fire Service Salary Structure in Nigeria & Ranks

The major focus of this article is on the salaries and how much federal fire service officers are paid in Nigeria.

This post will also give you the opportunity to discover the cadres and ranks in Federal Fire Service in Nigeria.

Federal Fire Service is one of the major paramilitary agencies in Nigeria.

The Federal Fire Service (FFS) has the statutory responsibility for rescue fire prevention, mitigation, fire fighting as well as paramedical and information services.

As obtained in other paramilitary agencies such as immigration, prisons and customs, Federal Fire Service maintains a well structured and spelt out organogram and ranking.

The salary of federal fire service officers in Nigeria is paid according to ranks.

The salary of federal fire service office is harnessed under the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure ( CONPASS).

This the salary structure that applies to Paramilitary agencies in Nigeria.

So, salary of fire service officers is almost same with those of Immigration, Customs, Civil Defence and Correctional Service.

This is because they are sister agencies and share same salary structure and template.

How Much is The Salary of Federal Fire Service Officers in Nigeria?

The salary of fire service officers in Nigeria is relative and based the rank of the officer.

Oftentimes, those who wishes to join this Paramilitary agency in Nigeria always seek to find how much salary fire service offers earn in Nigeria, this informs their decision to either to join or decline.

Graduates who join federal fire service starts from the rank of Assistant Supritendent Fire II.

This is the starting rank for graduates who joins federal fire service.

Starting Salary of Graduates in Federal Fire Service

The starting salary of graduates who joins federal fire service as Assistant Supritendent Fire II is between N120,000 to N135,000 per month.

This brings the annual salary of graduates who enlists into federal fire service to N1,440,000 to N1,620,000.

This is the official starting salaries of federal fire service officers who are graduates.

Starting Salary of Assistant Inspector Fire Service Officers in Nigeria

The rank of those who enlist or join federal fire service in Nigeria with OND or diploma certificate is Assistant Inspector Fire.

This is same with level 06 in civil service cadre. The salary of this cadre of fire service officers in Nigeria is between N65,000 to N80,000.

This is how much those who joins federal fire service with OND earns as salaries in Nigeria.

Starting Salary of Fire Assistant Officers in Nigeria Fire Service

Fire Assistant is the the lowest rank in federal fire service in Nigeria.

It the rank of those enlist in fire service with WAEC and O level certificate.

The salary of fire Assistant Officers in Nigeria ranges between ₦ 49,999 – ₦ 69,999 per month.

Other Cadre and Ranks in Federal Fire Service

There are other high ranks and cadre in federal fire service that earns high salaries and allowances.

These ranks with high salaries in Nigeria fire service includes:

  • Controller General Fire
  • Deputy Controller General Fire
  • Assistant Controller General Fire
  • Controller Fire
  • Deputy Controller Fire
  • Assistant Controller Fire
  • Chief Superintendent Fire
  • Supritendent Fire
  • Assistant Superintendent I Fire

These are the ranks in Federal Fire Service in Nigeria and their respective salaries and allowances.


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