Financial Frauds & Scams in Nigeria

How To Petition EFCC About Financial Fraud or Scam in Nigeria

Financial fraud and scam operation is increasing globally. In Nigeria, the use of technology has aided the menace and some frauds have become major scams in Nigeria.

How to write petition to EFCC

Before the year 2007, all matters relating to finacial Fraud are channeled and handled to Nigerian police.

By the year 2007, administration of former president Olusegun Obasanjo established an agency known as Economic and Financial Crime Commission.

This a special police force that is charged with the responsibility of tracking, arrest and prosecution of persons guilty of financial related crimes.

Since then, the EFCC has become the best place to petition financial frauds in Nigeria.

The commission is charged with responsibility of prosecuting those involved in corrupt and fraudulent acts.

In this post, we will discussing some issues like how to report case to EFCC.

Also to be discussed in this article is where to report financial fraud and crimes in Nigeria.

All these and more about financial fraud in Nigeria will be talked about in this blog post.

Where To Report Financial Fraud / Crime in Nigeria

The best place to report fraudsters in Nigeria to is at Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC).

This is a special arm of law enforcement agency in Nigeria that deal on finacial crimes and fraud.

It is also the best place to report fraud in business transactions as well.

Not many people in Nigeria are aware that EFCC also undertake finacial crimes involving individuals and business dealings.

If you are victim of finacial fraud and scam, you can also petition those involved to EFCC and they will be tracked and apprehended.

So the best place to report financial fraud matters in Nigeria is at EFCC.

Location of All EFCC Offices in Nigeria

EFCC has offices across ten (10) Nigerian states.

These are the states where EFCC Offices are located in Nigeria: Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Rivers, Enugu, Gombe, Kano, Kaduna, Borno and Edo state.

The headquarters of Nigeria financial crime police is located at Abuja.

These are where you can petition about financial fraud and crimes in Nigeria.

The EFCC Offices in Nigeria are spread in order to help the citizens have it easy to report or petition the agency about financial and business crimes in Nigeria.

So, any petition about business fraud or finacial crime in Nigeria that is submitted in any of these EFCC offices are accorded duly attention and follow up.

How To Write a Petition to EFCC in Nigeria

How to report financial crime to EFCC in Nigeria.

Also, business frauds can be reported to EFCC and this is the procedure and process of reporting a case to EFCC in Nigeria.

EFCC investigates public office holders and undertakes petition from public.

So, EFCC acts on petition submitted to the chairman of the commission either through the headquarters or through any of their zonal offices.

So here is an example of how to write EFCC petition in Nigeria.

Also, it is important to note that EFCC acts on evidence, so this makes it important that enough evidence should be provided when reporting a case of financial crime or scam to the agency in Nigeria.

Here is how to write EFCC petition in Nigeria.

Petition Should Carry Good Address

All EFCC petition is addressed to the executive chairman of the commission.

If the petition is going straight to Abuja office of the commission which is the headquarters of EFCC, their address which is 5, Fomella Street, off Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, should be used.

However, if your petition to EFCC is though any of their zonal offices in Nigeria, then, the petition should be addressed to executive chairman of the commission through the head of operations (zone……).

This is how every petition to EFCC is expected to be addressed.

Body of Petition

Petition to EFCC should be well detailed in a very simple and concised language.

The title of the petition should be very clear as it determines if the petition is within the jurisdictions of the commission.

Other informations required in EFCC petition is a well detailed explanation of events,dates, time, full names and addresses of those involved and their locations.

EFCC petition should be very simple and straightforward.

It should give the commission need to either proceed or decline investigation.

Provision of Evidence

Evidence is very important while writing to EFCC.

Petition to EFCC are crimes related to finance and economic benefits.

These issue are very serious and as such enough and good evidence should accompany a petition to Nigeria financial crime police.

Though, the commission carries out independent investigation to petition submitted to them, they still need a good evidence from petitioners to accept a petition and open case file.

EFCC Petition Submission

EFCC petition can be submitted at any of the commission’s offices nation wide.

All petition to EFCC, police that works on financial Frauds in Nigeria should be signed, dated and acknowledged upon submission.

This is to ensure credibility. Petition to EFCC is absolutely free of charge.

List of EFCC Cases & Offenses in Nigeria

Below are some of the offenses that are treated by EFCC in Nigeria.

These are examples of some cases that can be handled by Economic and Financial Crime Commission.

  • Money Laundering
  • Emblezzlement of Public Funds
  • Operation of Ponzi Schemes
  • Cyber Finacial Crimes
  • Business Fraud
  • Extortion By False Pretence
  • Gratification in Exchange for Public Service

These are some examples of popular cyber frauds and financial crimes in Nigeria.

Issues bordering on any of the above can be petitioned to EFCC for prosecution and justice.


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