First Bank Of Nigeria Entry-level Salary (2024)

First Bank Salary Structure

First Bank of Nigeria also known as Firstbank is the first indigenous bank in west Africa.

entry level salary of firstbank

The bank has been in operation and providing banking and financial services to customers for over 126 years.

Firstbank Salary for new staff is the theme of this write up.

The bank has more than 44,000 banking outlets and more than 17 million customer accounts.

First bank is one of Nigerian’s most successful financial institutions. The bank is a very popular brand in Nigeria and Africa.

Firstbank has subsidiaries in most African countries, Europe as well as Asia, with an office at Beijing.

To secure an appointment with a multinational firm like Firstbank doesn’t come easy.

However, it is rewarding to work and be associated with such a big brand.Apart from impacting hugely on one’s cv, a very good remuneration awaits these staff.

What is the entry level salary at Firstbank? This is usually some of the first questions always in the thoughts of potential employees of the bank.

In this post, Nigerian Informer will answer the questions of what is entry level salary of  staff of Firstbank and as well as salary of contract staff of Firstbank.

How Much FirstBank Pay Their Staff 

Below is detailed information about how much First Bank of Nigeria pay their staff.

Also contained in this articles is First Bank salary for permanent staff and First Bank salary for Contract staff.

FirstBank Salary For New Staff

Here we are talking about salary of Firstbank permanent staff. Entry-level position is the starting position among the full-time / permanent staff of Firstbank.

This is a position attained by young and smart graduates who have undergone intensive banking trainings administered by the bank known as graduate trainee program.

Upon the end of the intensive banking trainings, successful trainees are absorbed by Firstbank and placed on entry level position.

At First Bank, entry level staff are paid around N120,000 per month.

This represents how much Firstbank pay their permanent staff.

FirstBank Salary For Contract Staff

In order to cut down overhead costs and improve operations, engaging temporal and contract staff within Nigerian’s commercial bank circle is nothing new.

Almost all Nigerian commercial bank does engage in this practice. While some banks pay their temporal staff handsomely, other are a bit behind in this regard.

Firstbank is one of Nigeria commercial banks that maintain high pay for their contract / temporal staff.

Contract staff at Firstbank are paid around N85,000 each month.

As a contract staff of any commercial bank in Nigeria, dedication and focus should be maintained as the banking experience may prove the game changer for those in this category of staff.

FirstBank Salary For Cleaners & Security

Cleaners and security at Firstbank are usually outsourced. However, sometimes the bank recruits these semi skilled staff.

The salary of cleaners and security at Firstbank is around N40,000 per month.

Conclusion on The Salary of Firstbank Staff 

The Salary of staff at Firstbank is very encouraging and within what is obtained in the industry today.

Those who wish to join the bank should also think beyond just monthly earnings rather making themselves assets for the bank.

In this way they can raise to the pinnacle of banking career and I can assure you that then, earnings will be too good.


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