First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Salary Structure

How Much FCMB Pay Their Staff

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) is a top commercial bank in Nigeria.

Fcmb salary structure

The back is licensed and is providing banking and financial services across Nigeria.

The salary of FCMB staff is what to be discussed in this post.

Salary is very important in deciding which coy to work with or an appointment to pick for obvious reasons.

Salary of Nigerian banks is very attractive and sometimes can be very minimal depending on certain factors like staff status and roles.

FCMB staff salary varies depending on staff roles, status and performance.

First City Monument Bank is not in the culture of having many branches in a city, however, the bank do not hesitate in staffing their branches to capacity.

These staff of FCMB earn decent salaries while enjoying good working environment.

So, to get details about FCMB staff salaries in Nigeria, read through this article.

In this article, we will providing FCMB salary for contract staff, FCMB salary for marketers and How much FCMB Pay new staff among others.

FCMB Salary Scale: How Much FCMB Staff Earn As Salaries

How much FCMB pay their staff is an information of high significance especially among applicants and bankers in Nigeria.

This is why we considered this information worthwhile.Below is salary of FCMB staff.

FCMB Salary for New Staff

Salary of new staff at FCMB is very competitive and on par with other top commercial banks in Nigeria.

New staff of FCMB here are entry level staff of the bank. They are usually recruited through graduate trainee program.

Salary of new staff at FCMB is around N100,000 per month.

This class of staff at the bank is regarded as permanent and full-time staff of FCMB.

FCMB Salary for Contract Staff

Salary of contract staff at FCMB is around N70,000 per month.

These class of staff at FCMB are also known as DSA staff.

Use of contract staff in providing banking services by Nigerian banks is not new.It is now culture.

These contract staff are recruited to work with the bank for a stipulated period of time and subject to renewal.

Contract staff at FCMB are most found in the following roles: Teller, Customer service representatives, Sales agents etc. This is FCMB salary for contract staff.

FCMB Salary for Marketers

Salary for marketers at FCMB Bank is around N40,000 per month.

These are sales agents of the bank saddled with responsibility of marketing the bank’s services to both old and new customers.

FCMB salary for marketers is on same range with most banks in Nigeria.

It is also important to note that this role is based on contract.

FCMB Salary for Cleaners and Security Guards

Salary of Cleaners at First City Monument Bank (FCMB) is between N25,000 to N35,000 per month.

This is also the salary security guards at FCMB. This is also part of contract roles in the bank.

For security guards job at FCMB, it is a shift job, in the sense that as security guard at FCMB, you will work on weekends which your shifts falls into.

Finally, FCMB is a good bank to work and build career with in Nigeria.


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