Foam Mat Price in Nigeria

The price of foam mat in Nigeria will be the major focus of this blog post.

Mat production has evolved overtime with the production of foam mats which is geared towards providing much more comfort than the old rubber basket mats.

Currently, foam mats is the best mats to buy in Nigeria.

The use of mats in Nigeria is very high because of certain factors. Mats are used for exercises and outdoor activities.

It is also used for camping, outdoor rests as well as for religious purposes.

Morestill, foam mats serves as good and perfect play ground for babies and children while indoors.

Hence some people refer to it as play mat for children. Foam mats is the current trends in mats productions and can be used as substitute for mattresses in extreme cases.

Also,foam mats comes in different sizes and thickness too. The larger the size of foam mat the higher the price.

Moreso, foam mats with double thickness size costs more than those of single thickness.

This article will provide you with the prices of foam mats in Nigeria as well as the best foam mats in Nigeria too.

Best Foam Mats & Prices in Nigeria

What is the price of foam mats?, What are the best foam mats in Nigeria?.

All these and more are some of the questions pertaining to the price and quality of foam mats that will be discussed in this section of the article.

The best foam mats in Nigeria are majorly the double thick foam mats.

They are also very thick and presents users with foam use like experience.

Also the best foam mats are those that can with stand pressure for longtime use without sliding and compressing permanently.

Another quality for identifying best foam mats is those foam mats whose surfaces doesn’t pearl off after long use.

These are some of the features to look out for in foam mats that are rated best and top quality.

Foam Mat Prices in Nigeria

Below is different types of foam mats and their prices across Nigeria irrespective of your location.

  • Single Thickness 2 Sided Foam Mat (Small Size) – N4000 to N4800
  • Single Thickness 2 Sided Foam Mat (Medium Size) – N7500 to N8500
  • Single Thickness 2 Sided Foam Mat (Large Size) – N9000 to N10,000
  • Double Thickness 2 Sided Foam Mat (Small Size) – N7000 to N8500
  • Double Thickness 2 Sided Foam Mat (Medium Size) – N12,000 to N13500
  • Double Thickness 2 Sided Foam Mat (Large Size) – N17,000 to N22,000

With the above price range,you can purchase your desired foam mat irrespective of your location across Nigeria.

Also, many users have noted that it is sometimes cheaper to buy foam mats from hawkers who carry it about from place to place.


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