Glucometer (Blood Sugar Monitor) Prices in Nigeria

Prices of Blood Sugar Monitoring Machine (Glucometers) in Nigeria

This write up is all about the price and cost of Glucometers also known as blood sugar monitor in Nigeria.

Prices of Blood Sugar Monitor in Nigeria

Ascertaining and knowing the blood sugar level especially among the elderly is very important.

Certain health challenges like diabetes, hypoglycemia makes it imperative that one regularly check and monitor their blood glucose level.

To effectively and conviniently do this at home with or without assistance of health professional, digital blood glucose monitor was invented.

These blood sugar monitor meters helps people with certain health conditions follow up and monitor their blood sugar level.

Glucometers offer convinient and home test of blood sugar without visiting hospital.

Glucometers are very sophisticated and help people monitor and the level of their blood sugar.

Glucometers are user friendly and simple to use without much inputs.

The main reoccurring question is how much is blood sugar monitoring machine sold in Nigeria.

Glucose meter or blood sugar monitor comes in different brands and prices.

The price of blood sugar monitor is highly decided by its functions and performance.

In this article we will be discussing the price of best glucose meter blood sugar monitor in Nigeria.

Best Glucose Meter Blood Sugar Monitor in Nigeria

In this section of the post, we will be enumerating some of the best glucometers in Nigeria.

Accu – Chek

This is one of the best rated blood sugar monitor meters in Nigeria. It is one of the most reliable glucometers with accurate results.

Accu-Chek is one of the glucose meter blood sugar monitor that is easily available in Nigeria.


Sinocare is another good glucose meter blood sugar monitor in Nigeria.

It comes in different models and prices too. It is glucometer with accurate and correct results in Nigeria.


SpeedGuc is top blood sugar monitoring machine in Nigeria that is also rated best.

It is multiple functional with diverse functions like check of chorestrol level etc.

Fine Test

Fine Test Sugar monitor is one of the cheapest glucose meter blood sugar monitor with test stripes in Nigeria.

It is among the most popular glucometers in Nigeria.

Blood Glucose Meter Prices in Nigeria

Below is the list of some top and best blood glucose meter prices in Nigeria.

Accu-Chek Glucometer- N22,000 – Above

The price of Accu-Chek blood sugar level monitor starts from N22,000 and above.

The price of this blood glucose will differ from different pharmaceutical outlets and locations.

Sinocare Glucometer- N15,000 – Above

The price of Sinocare blood sugar monitor in Nigeria starts from N15,000.

The price of Sinocare blood glucose monitor will differ base on its functions and number of stripes attached to it.

Fine Test Glucometer- N18,000 – Above

Fine Test blood sugar meter price starts from N18,000 in Nigerian markets.

Fine test blood sugar meter with higher number of test stripes is bound to cost more in price.

SpeedGuc Glucometer- N45,000 – Above

This is a multi function blood sugar meter analyzer. The price of SpeedGuc in Nigeria starts from N45,000 and above.

The cost of this type of glucometer is decided by factors like functions, number of attached stripes.

Yuwell 580 Glucometer – N20,000 – Above

The price of Yuwell blood glucose meter in Nigeria starts from N20,000.

This how much this brand of blood sugar monitoring machine is sold in Nigeria.

Best Places To Buy Blood Glucose Monitor in Nigeria

The best place to buy blood glucose monitor in Nigeria is at top renowned pharmaceutical shops and outlets.

Also, the best place to buy blood sugar monitor machine in Nigeria cheap is at the major drugs and pharmaceuticals markets.

Blood glucose meter monitor can also be purchased online at cheap prices too.


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