Gravure Industrial Printing Machine Prices in Nigeria

Industrial printing machine is very essential for setting up industrial Printing such as printing of magazines, catalogue,calenders, wallpapers etc.

Industrial printing is a very lucrative business in Nigeria as many people read on paper than screen.

The major equipment needed to start up printing business in Nigeria is industrial printing machine. This article will review the price of industry Printing machines in Nigeria.

This post on cost of machines for printing banners, brochures, posters, calenders will give an insight to potential investors on the business of industrial printing in Nigeria.

How Much is the Cost Price of Industrial Printing Machines in Nigeria?

By the above question we mean how much is the cost of machine for printing brochures, calenders, posters, flyers, magazines etc.

Industrial printing machine comes in different types and models. The most popular way of classifying industrial printing machine is by their colour output.

We have the following industrial printing machines:

  • One colour Gravure Industrial Printing Machine
  • Two Colours Gravure Industrial Printing Machine
  • Four Colours Gravure Industrial Printing Machine

These are most popular types of industrial printing machines prevalent and mostly used in Nigeria.

We undertook a survey to ascertain the cost of industrial Printing Machine in Nigeria. We discovered that industrial printing machine are quite expensive.

Also, the cost of these printing machine is sold in accordance to it’s colour out out. Moreso, industrial printing machines available in the market is either brand new industrial printing machine or already used printing machine.

The price of these two categories of industrial printing machines differs and is on separate price range. Here is breakdown of the price of industrial printing machines.

  • One Colour Gravure Industrial Printing Machine Price : N2,000,000 – N3,500,000
  • Two Colours Gravure Industrial Printing Machine Price: N6,000,000 – N8,500,000
  • Four Colours Gravure Industrial Printing Machine Price: N15,000,000 – N18,000,000

The above is the current price range of industrial printing machines in Nigeria market.

Uses of Gravure Industrial Printing Machines

When industry Printing machines are mentioned,many people don’t know the type of machine being referred to.

But when you rephrase it as printing machines for magazines, brochures, calenders, posters and flyers. It makes more send and enhance their understanding.

So, what this blog post reviewed was the price of printing machine for magazines, posters brochures, calenders etc.

This is the machine you will need to buy if you want to go into printing. It is also used in printing of text books and other books of different types.


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