Heritage Bank Salary Structure (2024)

How Much Heritage Bank Pay Staff

Heritage Bank Salary is a highly sought after information among applicants in Nigeria.

Heritage Bank Salary Structure

The bank is one of the approved and recognized commercial banks in Nigeria with national outlook and operations.

The bank has always been in the culture of snapping and development bright and young professionals who form part of its highly performing workforce.

It is no longer news that Nigeria banking industry is one of the highly paying private sectors in Nigeria.

Average salary of bank staff in Nigeria is pegged at N65,000 per month.

This is one of the major reasons why most Nigeria applicants find Nigeria banks attractive to work at.

In this article, we will be providing the salary and basic earnings of Heritage Bank Staff.

Heritage Bank Staff Salaries: How Much Heritage Bank Staff Earn as Salaries

Salaries at Heritage Bank is very attractive and prompt.

The bank salary structure is very much on par with what is obtained in the industry. Also, there are different categories of staff at Heritage Bank.

These different classes of staff at Heritage Bank are on different salary structure. Below are some of the confirmed salaries of Heritage bank staff in Nigeria.

Heritage Bank Salary for Contract Staff

As obtained in Nigeria banking industry, Heritage Bank employs and operates with contracts staff.

These are class of staff that are recruited on temporal basis or stipulated period to help drive the bank’s workforce.

The salary of contract staff at Heritage Bank however is a bit low when compared to salary of temporal staff at top commercial banks in Nigeria.

Contract staff salary at Heritage Bank is around N60,000 per month.

Heritage Bank Salary for Permanent Staff

The permanent staff of Heritage bank are mostly those staff who joins through graduate trainee.

They start with entry level salary at Heritage Bank which is around N90,000 every month.

They are regarded as the core and full time staff of the bank and enjoy all the bonuses and privileges available for the bank’s staff.

From the above, one can see that salary of permanent staff and entry level salary at Heritage bank is competitive and attractive too.

Heritage Bank Salary for Marketers

Marketing staff at Heritage Bank are those staff the take up as core role of sales of the bank services and programs to potential customers and clients.

Most of marketing staff of Heritage bank are on contract. Salary of marketers in Heritage Bank is around N45,000 per month.

Salary of Cleaners & Security Guards at Heritage Bank

This is a very important class of staff at Heritage bank. Cleaners and Security Personnel at Nigerian banks are very important and regarded because of our peculiar environment.

The salary of Cleaners and Security guards at Heritage bank is around N30,000 each month.

End Note

Heritage bank salary in Nigeria ia subjects to reviews and changes. The bank is one of the Nigerian banks that invests and grows its staff.

Apart from having full operational branches across top Nigerian cities, the bank also maintains cash centers especially in thickly populated areas and neighborhoods.


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