Highest Paid Engineers In Nigeria & Salary (2024)

Engineering as a profession is a noble and prestigious one in Nigeria. Engineering professions not only command respect in Nigeria but is also lucrative too.

highest paid engineers in nigeria

In this article, we will be discussing the best paying engineering course or engineering professions in Nigeria.

The question of which engineering profession pays highest in Nigeria is a reoccurring one.

There are numerous fields of engineering and some engineering profession in Nigeria is good paying too

One who is seeking for highest paying engineering jobs in Nigeria can as well rely on this write up.

The importance of engineers in any nation cannot be overemphasized.

No nation can develop and grow its infrastructure without adequate and great engineers.

There are over 40 engineering courses offered in the Nigerian universities.

These different engineering professions helps to develop different sectors of Nigeria ranging from oil sector, financial, construction and manufacturing sector.

Nigeria is a developing nation with a unique market. Nigerian’s need for engineers is high as there is still much to be desired in terms of infrastructure development of the country.

However, Nigerian’s status as a developing country, places some engineering professions in high demand than others.

In this post, we will be discussing highest paying engineering professions in Nigeria.

Engineering as a profession is a lucrative irrespective of the field. However, just as obtained in other profession and owing to Nigeria factor, some engineering professions are in higher demand than others.

As a result, these most sought-after engineers take home juicy pays and remunerations when compared to those in other engineering fields.

Best Paying Engineering Professions In Nigeria

Below is the list of highest paid engineers in Nigeria and their salaries. These fields of engineering that’s is high paying in Nigeria. Here are most lucrative engineering professions in Nigeria.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is also known as computer software engineering in Nigeria is ranked as one if the highest & best paying engineering professions in Nigeria.

It is one of the most sought-after class or type of engineering in Nigeria.

These engineers are responsible for developing applications and software so as to create solutions and enhance performance within an organization.

They also verify and deploy programs and systems while also troubleshooting, debugging and upgrading existing software.

These types of engineers are very vital in Nigeria. They can be found in financial institutions like banks, payments solutions companies etc.

They can also be seen in government parastatals and other private sectors. Not so many software engineers are available in Nigeria. Nevertheless, few existing ones are assets for their organization and are well treated.

Software engineers found within commercial banks, and other payments solution firms earn about N150,000 to N750,000 monthly depending on the position.

Most software engineers in Nigeria works with commercial banks, and top multinationals like Interswitch, Paystacks etc.

Civil Engineering

Also, on the list of best paid engineers in Nigeria is civil engineering professions.

No nation can comfortably grow her infrastructures without having adequate civil engineers.

These are engineers responsible for designing, construction and building of Roads, Dams, Airports, Seaports, Building and other edifices and structures.

They also maintain and improve on existing infrastructure and structures if need be. These types of engineers are assets for any country.

These engineers also carry out contracts for governments, companies and individuals. The opportunities in labour market for civil engineers is huge and enormous.

Senior civil engineer working with a top construction company or multinationals in Nigeria earn about N350,000 to N500,000 monthly.

At entry level, a civil engineer can expect to earn about N80,000 to N150,000 per month, depending on the company involved.

Also, in Nigeria, many civil engineers practice independently, carrying out contracts like building residential estates and individual residential homes.These independent engineering professionals also earn well.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is one of the most studied engineering courses in Nigeria. It is also a very popular engineering profession in Nigeria.

These are engineers that work on electrical related fields like in Electricity Generating Company, Electricity Distribution Companies and other electricity companies like Electricity Transmission Companies.

They also work in top firms and companies, providing electrical supports and services when required.

Electrical engineers can also practice independently by providing electrical services to individuals and companies when needed.

An entry level, electrical engineer with a top firm earn about N80,000 to N100,000 per month, while senior electrical engineers can earn about N180,000 to N250,000 depending on firm involved.

Chemical Engineering

Another top and good paying engineering jobs in Nigeria is chemical engineering.

The major role of chemical engineers is to design and troubleshoot processes to produce chemicals, fuels, foods, pharmaceuticals, biologicals and other productions.

They are most often employed by large-scale manufacturing plants to maximize productivity and product quality while minimizing costs.

In Nigeria These types of engineers are most found in FMCG companies. Also, chemical engineers can work in varieties of fields like production and manufacturing plants, oil and gas sectors, hazard and safety agencies etc.

Career opportunities for chemical engineering professionals is wide and cuts across many sectors.

An entry level chemical engineer in Nigeria with a top company take home about N120,000 to N200,000 monthly.

Mechanical Engineering

Just like Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering is a very popular engineering profession in Nigeria.

They are engineers that provides mechanical services and support. They mostly work on and maintain mechanical engines and machines.

These class of engineers can be most found with construction companies, oil exploration firms and production companies where they provided needed mechanical services and supports.

A senior mechanical engineer with a top company takes home about N200,000 to N350,000 per month, while entry level mechanical engineer earns between N80,000 to N120,000 monthly.

Petrochemical Engineering

Petrochemical engineering is yet to get popular among Nigerian students, however, the engineering course is one of the highest paying engineering professions and jobs in the country.

Nigeria owned oil firm, Nigerian National petroleum corporation (NNPC) is still searching and exploring means to discover more oil and natural gas deposits in the country.

This is one of the major roles of petrochemical engineers. Petrochemical engineering is one of the best paying engineering professions in Nigeria.

Nigeria is one of world’s top oil producers and these natural resources presents opportunities for petrochemical engineers.

Petrochemical engineers can be found in top oil servicing firms and oil exploration companies.

Salary of an entry level petrochemical engineer is about N250,000 to N350,000 monthly, while senior petrochemical engineers can earn as much as N500,000 to N1,000,000 each month.

Network Engineering

Network engineering is a very lucrative engineering profession in Nigeria . They are responsible for developing, implementing and managing communications networks within an organization or between organizations and clients.

These engineers work mostly with telecommunications firms and internet firms. They provide telecommunications supports for their companies or can as well provide consultancy supports.

Salary of entry level network engineer is about N120,000 in Nigeria, while a senior network engineer can earn about 250,000 to N300,000 each month.


Engineering profession is lucrative and noble. Most students shy away from engineering courses with false notion that engineering courses are hard nuts.

Nevertheless, nothing good and great comes easy. Nothing can deter a firm resolved mind. When a student choose career in engineering and works hard, the rewards will be enormous.

Also, above listed engineering professions are not in any way superior to other engineering professions.

There are other engineering professions with great pay packages and huge opportunities in Nigeria. Whichever engineering profession one chooses, they must work hard and be the best of it.


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