Top 5 Highest Paid Football Players (2023)

Across the world, especially in Europe and Saudi Arabia, football clubs and teams continue to battle to outdo one another both on and off the pitch.

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Football clubs across Europe compete not only on the pitch but on financial strengths. Recently, Saudi Arabia professional league has seen massive movement of top football professionals headed to the gulf country.

Top European teams are always on the look out to shore up their finances and revenues so as to help them compete both on and off the pitch.

There is no doubt that a team’s financial muscle plays a part on their on-the pitch activities. Teams like Chelsea, Manchester city and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Real Madrid have proven the above statements to be correct with their transfer activities and contracts offered to players.

Saudi professional league currently has the highest number of top paid football players in the world.

In Europe, teams such as Chelsea has offered players high pay cheques. However, huge financial strengths don’t always guarantee huge pitch successes. Teams can spend heavy without achieving the desired success.

In other words, money well spent is what guarantee on-the pitch successes. Every summer, teams across Europe are always in the competition to attracts world biggest stars as well as retain those already within their ranks.

There is no doubt that move of Cristiano Ronaldo to Saudi Arabia professional league has helped in what can be described as massive movement of top professional players to the  gulf nation top league.

Time has changed in the game with player power syndrome more prevalent in the sports. Every summer, transfer records are broken in a bid to attract top players.

Also, records are broken on wage bills by European elite teams  and other teams in Saudi Arabia professional league, Chinese league to keep super stars already within their ranks. Today players are offered mouth- watering contracts to remain with their clubs. The above situation is what necessitated this article.

Nigerian Informer will be discussing top five highest earning football stars in the world. Already, i know you already have some names and teams running through your thoughts.

However, the list is a bit surprising as there are shocks in the five (5) top football earners in the world.

Top 5 Highest Paid Footballers

Here is list of highest paid footballers in the world with their annual earnings and their teams.

#1.Neymar Jr. (Al Hilal) – £240 million/year

Neymar Jr. hold the position as the world’s highest paid footballer with his mouth watering deal at Saudi Arabia professional league side Al Hilal.

The Brazilian ace made a shocking move to Saudi Arabia side Al Hilal in the summer of 2023 and bagging a contract which sees the former PSG super star earn a whopping #240 million annually.

This makes Neymar Jr. The best paid footballer in the world by miles.

#2 Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nassr) – £173 million/year

Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Saudi Arabia side, Al Nassr from Manchester United generated lots of argument about his ending football career.

However, what many football fans and pundits globally could agree on is that the move made the Portuguese striker richer as he takes home an outrageous salary of $200 annually as Al Nassr player.

This makes Cristiano Ronaldo the second highest paid footballer in the world.

#3 Karim Benzema (Al-Ittihad) – £172 million / year

Benzema to Saudi Arabia professional league side Al Ittihad is one of the shocking transfers of 2023 transfer window.

The former Real Madrid Captain move to Al Ittihad came with huge pay cheque which see the Frenchman earn £172 million per annum.

Benzema salary at Al Ittihad makes him one of top 5 highest paid footballers in the world.

#4 kylian Mbappe (PSG) – #100 million/year

Also on the list of top highest paid football players is PSG and France winger kylian Mbappe.

According to Forbes, the young attacker is fourth highest paid football player in the world with an annual earnings of $100 million.

The France international has been a sensation at French capital since his move from Monaco to PSG, playing back to back work cup finals.

#5 N’Golo Kante (Al Ittihad) – £86 million / year 

Another Al Ittihad player in the list of top 5 highest paid footballers is N’Golo Kante with an annual salary of about £86 million.

The Frenchman swapped Stamford bridge with Saudi Arabia side Al Ittihad.

Perhaps he is one of the most shocking name on the list of world’s top 5 highest paid footballers.


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