Highest Paying Jobs & Careers in Nigeria (2024)

Nigeria, although faced with high unemployment and poverty rates, still boost of some top paying jobs.

Highest paying jobs in nigeria

This post will center on highest paying jobs in Nigeria and their average salary.

The big question now is what are the most lucrative careers and Jobs in Nigeria? find out in a bit.

If you are looking to find the highest paying career paths and jobs in Nigeria, then this article is for you.

Landing some jobs in Nigeria can be financially rewarding heavily.

Some of the best paying jobs in Nigeria requires education, skills, experience and expertise.

These Nigeria highest paying jobs cuts across different fields ranging from public to private sectors and well as business.

Most jobs with highest salaries in Nigeria are private sectors Jobs and businesses.

This is contradiction to notion by some young Nigerians who sees government sectors jobs as highest and top paying jobs in Nigeria.

The only highly paid government workers in Nigeria are those with expertise and special knowledge.

Aside corruption, people who wish to make so much money in Nigeria wouldn’t want to work for government.

This is because the basic salaries and earnings of government workers in Nigeria is no where near the salaries of highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

In putting together the list of highest paying jobs and top jobs in Nigeria, we considered the average salaries of these top jobs in Nigeria as well as the number of millionaires produced by such careers.

So, keep reading these article to find out jobs that pays the highest salaries and money in Nigeria.

Top Paying Jobs, Careers in Nigeria & SalariesĀ 

Below is compilation of bestĀ  jobs and careers in Nigeria.

Also herein is the salaries of highest paying jobs in Nigeria.


Surgeon is currently rated the highest paying job in Nigeria.

The average salary of a surgeon per month ranges between N700,000 to N2,500,000.

A surgeon treats diseases, aliments, injuries or body defects using operative techniques.

It is the highest paying jobs in medical field in Nigeria.

Becoming a surgeon requires expertise and rigorous training.

It also involves enrolling into top university in Nigeria and studying medicine and surgery academic course.

Petroleum Engineer

Energy industry is one of the top biggest and most lucrative industries across the globe and this is why being petroleum engineer is among the highest paid jobs in Nigeria.

Average salary of a petroleum engineer in Nigeria ranges between N500,000 to N1,700,000 per month.

It is one of the best jobs one can land in Nigeria for high money and financial incentives.

Aircraft Pilot

Pilots are very few in Nigeria and available ones are paid handsomely.

Pilot joins the list of highest paying Nigerian jobs.

The average monthly salary Pilots in Nigeria ranges between N800,000 to N1,200,000.

This is how much Pilots are paid in Nigeria.

Software Developers

Software Developer are among the highest paid professionals in Nigeria currently. Software developers works in banks, financial institutions, online payments companies and multinationals.

They take up the major function of solving issues and creating opportunities for companies through development of applications and softwares.

The average monthly salary of software developers in Nigeria is N750,000.

Telecommunication Engineers

This another career in Nigeria that pays well is telecom engineering.

Engineers who works with MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile earn salaries in region of N500,000 per month.

This makes the job one of the best paying Nigeria jobs.

Freight Forwarder (Clearing & Forwarding)

Being a freight Forwarder in Nigeria is a top paying job.

Nigeria is most populous black nation in the world and business is one of the major economic activities in Nigeria.

Engaging in clearing and forwarding as it is called in Nigeria is highly lucrative.

It is one of the highest paying career in Nigeria.

Alcohol & Beverage Drinks Distributorship

Landing distributorship of major alcohol or beverage companies in Nigeria is top paying job and career in Nigeria.

Those who engage in this business makes above N1,500,000 per month.

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical engineering is one of the most paying jobs in Nigeria.

There aren’t many aeronautical engineers in Nigeria and few good ones are smiling to the bank.

The average salary of aeronautical engineer in Nigeria is around N2,000,000. This people perform primary funtion of production and maintainace of aircrafts.

Investment Banker

This another job in Nigeria with high salary. The average monthly earnings of an investment banker in Nigeria is around N500,000.

Investment bankers stand between financial institutions and governments, agencies, companies etc.

They help secure top financial deals for people they represent like loans, issuance of stock etc. It is a very big job in Nigeria with good salary.


Auditing and keeping record of financial deals of government and companies in Nigeria is a high paying job.

Accountants in Nigeria are well paid especially those who work with multinational such as erst & Young, Pwc.

Average salary of an accountant in Nigeria is N300,000 per month.


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