Cost of Hiring Excavator & Pay Laoder in Nigeria (2023)

Hiring and renting excavator and other heavy-duty machines like Pay laoder, bulldozer and concrete mixer in Nigeria is a routine in construction sector.

Cost of Hiring excavator in Nigeria

These construction machines and implements are very expensive to buy especially for young construction firms.

Hence many new and young construction companies in Nigeria engage in renting and hiring of these importance construction machines like excavators, pay loaders and bulldozers.

In this article, we will be discussing the cost of hiring, excavators, fork lift, pay loaders and other top construction machines.

This geared towards giving insight to those who are in need of service of such machines to have a clue of what to budget for hiring them.

Also, apart from construction companies, individuals can as well hire or rent and excavator or pay laoder in other to get job or task done.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Excavators in Nigeria

Many companies in Nigeria engages in business of renting and hiring of excavators.

Also, most Nigerian owned construction companies engage in hire of these major construction machines.

Hire of excavator and pay loaders in Nigeria comes under different conditions.

One can hire these machines, fuel them and get an operator to get the job done or rent them with cost of all these things included in the excavator rent fee.

After a survey across major cities like Lagos, Enugu, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Abeokuta, we will disclose the cost of renting excavators and other top construction and heavy-duty machines in Nigeria.

Excavator Hiring Price in Nigeria

The cost of renting excavators in Nigeria starts from N130,000 per day.

The cost could be up to N180,000 depending on the power of the excavator and brand.

This is price of hiring excavator in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja city.

This excavator renting cost excludes diesel and operator cost.

Pay Loader Hiring Cost

The cost of hiring pay laoder machine in Nigeria starts from N85,000 per day.

That price is affected by its horse power. CAT Pay laoders are among the most expensive and best pay laoders in Nigeria.

The price of renting pay loader in Nigeria could be up to N140,000 depending on above stated variables.

Cost of Hiring Concrete Mixer Truck

Concrete mixer truck is very effective when constructing water ways and channels.

They are also very useful when constructing culverts.

The cost of renting context mixer truck in Nigeria starts from N100,000 per day.

This can reach up to N150,000 if the mixer is of large volume.

Cost of Hiring Fork Lift

The cost of hiring fork lift in Lagos and Port Harcourt start from N50,000 per day.

This does not cover for its diesel usage and operations.

Fork lift of higher horse power can be rented for as high as N80,000 in Nigeria.

Cost of Hiring Water TankerĀ 

Water tanker is also very important for different constructions.

Water tanker renting cost can go for around N30,000 per day.

Finally, all these machines in most cases must be returned in good shape and any fault during rentage duration must be fixed


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