House Gates Price in Nigeria (2023)

How Much is Price of Gate in Nigeria

Nigeria’s housing system is such that compounds are fenced with gates installed.

Price of Gate in Nigeria

This is a very popular method of housing across Nigeria.

Some of the major reasons why houses are fenced with gates in Nigeria is to provide security and privacy.

To this end, house gates becomes a very important building accessories and material used in Nigeria.

In most cases, fencing and gates are among first building activities taken after purchase of land.

Also, houses without gates keeps working towards procuring and installing one.

With all these, one can see why gates are very important and indispensable in Nigeria.

Even in some of the most luxurious and secured estates in Nigeria, house gates are well installed for aesthetics, security and privacy.

This is why we found it worthwhile to do a survey and present to our readers price of house gates in Nigeria.

How much gates cost in Nigeria is very essential to those who are investing in real estate and those buying landed properties.

So, in this article we will be discussing the cost of house gates in Nigeria.

Cost & Price of Gates in Nigeria

House gates in Nigeria has transcend protective and privacy building accessories.

House Gates are now used as part of aesthetics accessories and building materials.

Hence, price of certain gates in Nigeria are very expensive and cost.

The price of gates we will be discussing here is iron house gates.

These are house gates in Nigeria that are made of steel and metals.

They are very rugged and long lasting. The price of gates in Nigeria is largely determined by the quality of steel, design and also not ruling out the size.

All these contribute to how much gates are sold in Nigeria.

Also, the price of gate in Nigeria is largely decided by location.

Generally, the price of house gates in Nigeria can be considered expensive irrespective of the type or quality of house gate in question.

As expected, gates tends to be most expensive in top Nigerian cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Enugu.

How much gates are sold in these cities may not be same with those of Benue, Kogi and Ebonyi.

The price of cheapest house gate in Nigeria should cost between N120,000 to 150,000.

These are gates of less design and smaller size.

However, some gates of big size with high designs cost between N300,000 to N2,000,000 on Nigeria.

Sliding Gate Price

Also, sliding gate cost in Nigeria is also high. This is owing to fact that most sliding gates are done with very strong snd rugged steel.

Also, sliding gates help maximize space. Sliding gate price in Nigeria starts from N280,000 depending on the size, design and quality of steel.

Stainless Steel Gate PriceĀ 

The price of stainless steel gate in Nigeria starts from N500,000 and above depending on certain variables.

End Note on Price of Gate in Nigeria

The cheapest place to buy gates in Nigeria is from top gate welding artisans.

Some of these gate construction welders can sell already made gates or construct a new one as buyers deserves.

Price of house gates tends to be more expensive in house gate companies in Nigeria.

However, quality and aesthetics are sure better guarantee and gotten from companies selling house gates in Nigeria.


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