How Long Does it Take for Canada Student Visa to be Approved?

How much time it takes for IRCC to approve study permit is always significant for future international students in Canada.

This is because having an idea of how long it takes for Canada Student Visa to be approved helps future international students to plan appropriately and avoid running into delays and missing out on their school resumption programs and date.

To study in Canada as an international student, you need to obtain student visa popularly known as study permit.

This all important requirements to study in Canada as foreigner is overseen by Canada immigration department through IRCC website which is the official website for applying for Canada student visa.

In practical, the processing time for Canada student visa most time differ from country to country.

This is as result of inequality in the volume of visa application received among countries.

However,there is an estimate duration for Canada visa processing and approvals time irrespective of country of applicant.

To ascertain how long it takes for Canada visa to be approved, we sought clarification from renowned immigration specialist who engages in Canada visas and immigration consultancy. She was able to provide us with update on the subject matter.

Also, we spoke to small sample of international students in Canada to find how long it took before their Canada student visa where approved.

This also gave us a confirming position of the processing time and duration for Canada visa to be approved. Read on to find out how long it will take for Canada student visa decision to be out.

Canada Student Visa Processing Time & Duration

According to renowned immigration expert and consultant, it takes between 4 weeks to 90days for Canada student visa to be approved.

This is the duration for during which you can have decision concerning your Canada student visa.

Some applicants can have their student visa approved earlier before this time frame, while others can have theirs towards the end of the above time frame or beyond the stipulated time.

This is because certain factors can influence how fast or how long it takes for Canada student visa to be approved.

Also, out of sample of 18 international students in Canada we contacted, 14 confirmed having their Canada student visa approved within 90days time frame.

However, 4 of the international student noted that it took more than 90days before their Canada student visa was approved.

This reinforced position of immigration consultant who also noted that in certain occasions, Canada student visa approval time can take over 90days.

This she noted can be trigger by factors such as volume of applications, verification of supporting documents and provided data etc.

Best Time to Apply for Canada Student Visa

In recent time, Canada has seen an increase in application for international students across Designated Learning Institution (DLI), owing to standard of education as well as multicultural feature of the north America country.

Early application is now the key to having your Canada student visa application approved before your school resumption.

Future international students enroute Canada are encouraged to apply for their Canada student visa and study permit atleast 4 months before their school resumption.

Those who can file in their application 5 or 6 months earlier, are in better position to have their visas approved or a decision within schedule.

There are three seasons annually during which an international student can apply for enrollment into school in Canada.

Below are seasons for schools in Canada. These are periods when schools starts in Canada.

  • Winter Intake – January
  • Spring Intake – May
  • Fall Intake – September

You can apply as an international student to start school in Canada in any of the following seasons. For which chosen season, you need to work in accordance to obtain your study permit as soon as possible to be able to meet up with school start date.

What Can Delay Canada Student Visa Application?

Some international students can experience delays in processing time for their Canada study permit and student visa as result of certain factors.

These are some reasons why your Canada student visa processing can be delayed and take much longer time.

Non-Payment of Stipulated Fees

Non- Payment of stiputed fees both from Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and IRCC can lead to delay or non approval of Canada study permit and visa.

Fees such as Canada student visa fees, tuition deposit are very crucial to processing and approval of your Canada student visa. Inability to make these payments will delay your Canada student visa approval and lead to subsequent denial.

Legibility Paperwork

It is very crucial to have your documents and papers presented in most legible copy. Having poor scanned, unclear and blurred documents can make your Canada visa to be delayed.

This is why it is usually advised that documents should be converted in PDF and attached together for easy vetting.

Submission of Suspicious Documents & Verifications

When you file in documents that raises questions such as proof of funds documents, employment letters, business ownership documents which are suspicious and does have convincing link with your profile.

It can lead to delayed Canada study permit as visa officers are likely to probe further to ascertain the authenticity of these important documents. This is why it is important to keep your crucial documents honest and simple.

Unconvincing Profile & Background Checks

An international student who is applying for study permit especially for certain programs such as childhood education whose profile is not convincing enough to visa officers is likely to get delayed in approving their Canada study permit.

This is why getting police report is very important and having a clean and simple profile is a plus for your Canada student visa application.

Non – Convincing Home Ties & Academic Progression or Gap

It is also important to have a strong home ties when applying for your student visa to Canada. This can facilitate fast approval of your study permit as an international student.

Having unconvincing home ties can delay your visa or even lead to its denial. Same goes out for gap in academic history or academic progression.

If your are changing academic field, you have to do well to convince the visa officers on the need and reason through your letter of explanation. It is one of the things that can delay the approval of your student visa or its denial.

End Note on Processing Time Duration for Canada Study Permit/Visa

Despite the above given time it takes for Canada IRCC to issues a decision or approve student visa, certain cases can go different for reasons best known to visa officer.

This is why the best way to have your Canada study visa approved fast is to apply early. Towards the take off of new academic session in Canada, many applicants are likely to file in their study permit applications leading to high volume applications.

But applying 5 or 4 months ahead can hasten your visa application processing time for Canada student visa. This is because visa officer are more likely to have less visa application to work on during those early months.


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