How Long Does It Take to Get International Passport in Nigeria

How much time it takes for Nigeria international passport to be ready and available for pickup will be the central message of this article.

Cost of Renewing Nigeria passport

Nigerian passport can be obtained at any of the Nigeria immigration service passport office across the country which is majorly found the the respective Nigeria immigration service commands across states in Nigeria.

Major cities like Lagos has about two passport offices unlike other states where only one Nigeria passport office is found per state.

Sometimes, emergencies arises which might require one to travel out of Nigeria in shortest possible time.

In such case, if the person or persons involved are not already passport holders, they would need to process their Nigeria international passport within shortest possible time.

This is because the normal time it takes for international passport to be ready in Nigeria is considered a long time.

This then brings us to the big question of How long does it take for international passport to be ready from the time of application?.

All these and more will form the major part of this post especially as it relates to number of months it takes for international passport to be ready in Nigeria.

How Many Months/ Weeks Does It Take for International Passport to Be Ready in Nigeria?

The duration for Nigeria international passport to be ready after capture is relative.

This is because the number of applications determines how fast one can get his or her international passport in Nigeria after applications.

Moreso, the passport application center can determine how fast you can process your international passport in Nigeria.

This is because passport offices in major cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt usually has higher volume of applications compared to passport office across others states.

So, sometimes,it is better to apply through passport offices of smaller states with small population and less urban concentration.

Also, there is a room for express application and collection of international passport in Nigeria.

This is mainly for those on medical travels and other emergencies.

However,on a normal application, it takes about two (2) and half months for passport to be ready after application in states with high passport application request such as Lagos, Abuja, Anambra, Rivers State etc.

But on a contrary, states with less application volume would take about 1 and half month for passport to be ready for pickup in Nigeria.

What is The Fastest Time One Can Apply and Get International Passport in Nigeria?

For international passport express applications in Nigeria, it would take about 2 weeks (14 days) to apply and get international passport in Nigeria on express demand.

This would involve application and capture of applicant on same date.

Express application of international passport in Nigeria it should be noted can cost twice of the official price for international passport application in Nigeria.

Is it Possible to Apply for International Passport and Get It on the Same Day?

It is very possible to get international passport in one day in Nigeria.

However to be able to apply and get international passport in one day in Nigeria, certain factors would have to come into play.

The cost would be unique like high price and the passport office headed by passport officer would have to sanction it.

Also, the booklet must be ready and in waiting for profile capture.

This is usually very rare and is done mostly in extreme cases but it is not impossible to apply and get international passport in Nigeria in one day.

What Documents Do I Need To Apply for International Passport in Nigeria?

If you are heading to any passport office in Nigeria to apply for your international passport, certain documents and requirements are needed for application of Nigeria international passport or Nigerian passport.

Here is list of what requirements and documents you should provide to apply for international passport in Nigeria.

  • NIN Slip ( all data must be correct)
  • Indigene Letter
  • Birth Certificate
  • Signed Guarantor Form
  • Recent Passport Photographs

These are some of the important documents demanded for application of international passport in Nigeria.


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