How Much Actors & Actresses are Paid in Nigeria

How Lucrative is Film & Movie Acting in Nigeria?

Nigeria’s film industry also known as Nollywood is without a doubt among the biggest and best in Africa.

How much actors/actresses are paid in Nigeria

Nigeria movies industry has an army of talents in both actors and actresses.It is one of the most engaging private sectors in Nigeria.

This write up will review the salaries of actors and actresses in Nigeria.

It will reveal to you how much actors and actresses are paid per movie in Nigeria.

Many actors and actresses has achieve tremendous success and wealth acquisition through movie acting in Nigeria.

This has left many young Nigerians with dreams of joining movie acting in Nigeria.

The likes of Pete Edochie, Nkem Owo, Sola Sobowale and Genevieve Nnaji through successful acting career has shown how lucrative Nollywood can be.

Their success especially in wealth acquisition has left many young Nigerians wanting to join Nigeria movie industry.

Often the first question that comes to mind for these young ambitious Nigerians is how much actors and actresses earn per movie in Nigeria.

Movie stars in Nigeria are paid per movie and according to their roles in the movie too.

For those who are contemplating about joining nollywood and who are seeking information on the pay and salary of actors and actresses in Nigeria this article will provide the right guide.

So, this post will center on actors and actresses earnings in Nigeria.

We will talk about how actresses and actors in Nigeria are paid and what determines how much actresses are paid in Nigeria.

Actors & Actresses in Nigeria: How Much They are Paid

The pay and salaries of nollywood stars in Nigeria is not fixed and is determined by certain factors.

Actors and actresses in Nigeria are paid according to their roles in movies.

Actors and actresses with lead roles in films are most likely to be paid higher than those with minor and supporting roles.

Also, the pay of actresses / actors in Nigeria largely depends on their stardom and popularity.

Currently, actors like Zubby Michael, Nkem Owo are among the highest paid actors in Nigeria.

This actors and actresses are regarded as “A” list actors and actresses in Nigeria.

In same way top Nigerian actresses like Genevieve Nnaji, Patient Ozokwu, Sola Sobowale are among the highest actresses in Nigeria.

These are some of top movie stars that charges very high fees for their acting roles.

The reason is very simple, these top movie stars presence sells movies.

How Much Actresses/ Actors are Paid Per Movie in Nigeria

The film production company and the type of film is one of the major determinants of how much actors and actresses get as their pay.

Blockbuster and cinema movies are some of the high paying movie.

Producers of these film most times pay handsomely to movie stars.

Top Nigerian actors and actresses also regarded as “A” list movie stars like Zubby Michael, Nkem Owo, Etomi Adesua, Chika Ike can charge as high as N1.5 million and above to feature in a movie.

This amount can be higher if they are to play a lead role in Nigeria film.

These type of actors and actresses are regarded as “A” list actors and actresses.

Actors and actresses in “B” list can be paid between N50,000 to N200,000 per movie.

These are nollywood stars at the verge of stardom.

Also, newly actors and actresses in Nigeria can be paid as low as N15,000 per movie.

These new actors and actresses mostly play supporting roles and in some cases they can be paid less with refreshments.

Sex For Role in Nigeria Film Industry

There has been a long standing allegation of sex for role in the nollywood.

This is a situation where movie producers demand sex from female actresses to get them featured in their movies and films.

Research has shown that this mostly occur with newly joined actresses who are desperate to achieve stardom and wealth.

This phenomenon has been confirmed among female Nigerian actresses and has also been featured in mainstream media.

It is important that young girls who are looking to join Nigeria film industry look out for such acts and stay clear of such producers.


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  1. If they can be paid more that will be better because for me they shall be, as a matter of fact they modify, build and redirect my life so I will always be grateful to them.

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