How Much Are Jeans Prices in Nigeria?

Jeans wear, both male and female types are common and popular fashion fabrics worn in Nigeria and beyond.

Jeans can easily be classified as one of the world’s most popular wears. The heavily worn fabrics has been designed into numerous clothing line such as trousers, jackets,caps etc.

Also, some jeans wears come in plain, denim as well as distressed (rugged) fashion. Jeans can easily be found across fashion markets and boutiques in Nigeria.

The demand for jeans wear in Nigeria is very high,hence finding out what the current price of jeans is in Nigeria is usually significant especially among people who are the heavy into use of the popular wear.

This article explores the current price of jeans in market in Nigeria. This was obtained by visiting major jeans importers and dealers across major fashion market in Lagos, Onitsha,Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kano.

Mandilas market in Lagos is one of the market visited inea bid to find out how much male and female jeans are sold in Nigeria currently.

Stock Jeans Prices in Nigeria

There are numerous varieties of jeans wears in market at varying prices too. The price of female jeans in Nigeria is different from the price of male jeans in Nigeria.

According to multiple dealers, the price of male jeans is slightly higher than those of females. Jeans can easily found in wardrobes of most young male folks.

Here is breakdown for the current jeans price in Nigeria markets.

  • Male Skinny Stock Jeans Price – ₦9000 – ₦12,000
  • Female Skinny Jeans Price – ₦7000 – ₦10,000
  • Male Oversized Jeans Price – ₦9000 – ₦15,000
  • Boyfriend’s Jeans Price – ₦8000 – ₦12,000

The above is the current prices of jeans of different designs in Nigeria both for males and females.

How To Wash Jeans Wears

One of the major defects of jeans wear is the overtime gradual washing off of its original colours.

A lot of solutions have been proposed as way of washing your jeans to prevent jeans from washing off colours.

Many have inferred total abstain from washing your jeans wear to prevent them changing its original colours while others has advised that the best way to wash jeans to prevent decolouration is to have the wears brushed with either sponge or brush after use.

However, neither of these solutions on how best to wash jeans to retain jeans colours have been able to help jeans wear keep their original colour overtime.

One of the best and most popular way of washing jeans wear is to apply very mild detergent such as toilet soaps or bathing liquid soaps.

This would help reduce decolouration of jeans wear especially within shortest possible time and help keep the jeans original colours longer when in use.


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