How Much Barbers Make in Nigeria (2023)

People who wants to venture into barbing business or invest in barbing salon in Nigeria are always fast to find how much barbers make in Nigeria.

How much barbers make in Nigeria

Barbing is a good and high paying skill in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, barbers earn handsomely especially when they are well enqipped and positioned.

Barbing job in Nigeria is one of the jobs that pays on daily basis.

Also, the population of Nigeria which is the largest on the continent gives more opportunities and improves how much barbers earn in Nigeria.

In this article, we will be discussing how much barbers earn in Nigeria daily, weekly or monthly.

The Cost of Barbing Hair in Nigeria

To do justice to the topic, on how much barbers make in Nigeria, is important that we discuss the cost of barbing in Nigeria.

The average cost of barbing in Nigeria is N250.

However, barbing cost in Nigeria varies from city to city and within neighborhoods.

The cost of barbing in Nigeria cities like Lagos and Port Harcourt are some of the cities with most expensive barbing salon in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, there are still low or cheaper charged barbers within these cities.

Factors that Determines How Much Barbers Earn in Nigeria

There are certain factors that plays on how much a barber can make in Nigeria either per day or weekly.

Below are some of the factors that determines how much a barber can make in a major Nigerian city.

  • Traffic
  • Skill
  • Power

Traffic: Having your barber shop established in high traffic areas will help barbers earn and make more money in Nigeria.

Men do not necessarily care so much about identity of barbers before walking into a salon to have hair cuts.

In high traffic locations and junctions, walk in is bound to be very high especially on weekend.

To this end, in order to make high profit as barber in Nigeria, Siting of salon in and around very busy and high foot traffic areas are very important and essential.

Skill: Some barbers can charge as high as N500 per hair cut and still wouldn’t even have chance to attend to all customers.

Despite the fact that average price of hair cut in Nigeria is N250, but with good, creative horned barbing skills, some barbers charge and earn more than others.

Before setting up barbing shop, it is important to master the art ot barbing and hair cuts.

This will surely increase your income as barber and make us wanted and indispensable.

Power: Neighborhood with good level of power supply must be considered when siting barbing salon in Nigeria.

Over reliant on power generators can affects the earnings and how much barbers make in Nigeria.

So, it is important that areas where barbing salon is to be sited enjoys a significant level of electricity supply.

How Much Barbers Make Daily in Nigeria

How Much Barbers make per day in Nigeria slightly differs.

Barbers that charges between N200 – N300 per hair cut can make an average of N5000 profit per day.

This just as barbers in Nigeria that charges N500 per haircut can make daily profit of between N8000 to N10,000.

However, those barbers who charges less usually have highest number of customers.

How Much Barbers Make Weekly in Nigeria

Weekly profit of barbers in Nigeria are not same especially considering how much barbers in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt makes as profit.

The weekly profit of barbers who charges between N200 to N300 per haircut in Nigeria is between N15000 to N20,000.

Also barbers that charges an average of N500 for hair cuts in Nigeria make weekly profit of around N30,000.

It is important to note that barbers that charges low amount for haircuts in Nigeria is bound to have teeming customers especially in a less luxurious and top neighborhoods.


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