How Much Bet9ja Agents Makes in Nigeria (2024)

Commission Percentage & Earnings of Bet9ja Agents in Nigeria

Although opinion are still divided about the growing gambling industry in Nigeria, facts shows that the industry has put many Nigerian youths out of street.

Presently, sports betting is one of the most popular type of gambling in Nigeria.

How much bet agents makes

Studies has shown that Bet9ja, a sport betting company in Nigeria is the biggest and most popular betting company in country.

This article will give you an insight on how much sports betting agents makes in Nigeria & how to start bet9ja betting business in Nigeria.

Many Nigerians wants to partner with Bet9ja and serve as agent for the top betting company.

The big question is what could be motivating large influx of Bet9ja agents and partners in Nigeria.

Many say it is how much Bet9ja agents makes that leaves the investment and partnership attractive.

This article seeks to answer the question of how much Bet9ja agents makes per day, week or month.

Many prospective Bet9ja agents does not cease to ask these question.

They always try to find information on how much they stand to make as Bet9ja agents.

The commission percentage and benefits of Bet9ja agents in Nigeria are very juicy and attractive.

So, in this post, we will be talking about how much bet9ja agents makes.

Benefits of Bet9ja Agents

Below are some of the benefits and bonuses Bet9ja agents enjoys from the sports betting company.

Many people might wondering how Bet9ja agents makes money, this will be reveled in this article.

How Bet9ja agents makes money is through commissions, benefits and bonuses.

There are some special benefits and bonuses enjoyed by partners of the betting company popularly known as Bet9ja agents.This is some of Bet9ja agents benefits.

Bet9ja agents get a commission percentage based on your turnover.

Agents will earn a commission on every bet you print.

Bet9ja agents bear zero liability or risk for winning bets.

Agents have over five thousand events that are available for the most popular sports on a weekly basis.

Bet9ja agents can profit from the over twelve thousand live betting events available every month.

Bet9ja agents enjoy access to leading and latest European sports betting software.
The sports betting company constantly develops new and exciting products from which you have a chance to profit.

Also a free training course are given that will prepare agents and your staff before you open your betting shop.

Agents will be provided with help and support to set-up your hardware.

Bet9ja agents enjoy technical support both on-site from competent Bet9ja field staffs and off-site via telephone.

All these are some of the benefits enjoyed by Bet9ja agents Which makes it easy for them to make money and earn handsomely.

How Bet9ja Agents Make Money (Bet9ja Agents Commission Percentage)

Bet9ja agents are paid commissions on every bet punters placed through their shop.

This is simply how betting agent makes money. It is just like every other businesses.

So,how much bet9ja agents and sports betting agents makes per month,week and day is highly decided by the number of bettors or punters that staked bets through the agent.

The higher number of punters who places their bets through your betting shop the higher commission your stand to gain.

Also, another way through which Bet9ja agents makes money is through commission percent.

This is the ratio amount you will be paid from bets placed through agent’s shop.

Bet9ja percentage commissions is one of the biggest in Nigeria.

So, most agents chooses Bet9ja so as to enjoy high and big commissions.

The highest commissions percentage an agent of Bet9ja can be paid is 20 percent of bets placed through their shops.

This is only when a punter has made between twenty – six to fourth bet selections.

The good news is that these commissions are paid on weekly basis. So Bet9ja agents are paid for every bet placed and printed through their betting shops.

Below are some of the percentage commissions for Bet9ja agents in Nigeria.

  • 1% commission – One selection.
  • 2% commission – Two selections.
  • 5% commission – Three selections.
  • 6% commission – Four to five selections.
  • 7% commission – Six to eight selections.
  • 12% commission – Nine to ten selections.
  • 14% commission – Eleven to thirteen selections.
  • 16% commission – From fourteen to twenty selections.
  • 18% commission – From twenty-one to twenty-five selections.
  • 20% commission – Twenty-six to forty selections.

This is basically how most betting agents and Bet9ja agents make money and How much these bet agents makes every day, week or month.


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