How Much Bolt Drivers Make in Nigeria (2023)

Bolt, an online transportation booking and facilitating company is creating huge opportunities for teeming Nigeria youths in transportation business.

How much bolt drivers make in Nigeria

Before now, transportation business has always been very lucrative.

However the uncoordinated nature of the business in Nigeria has left the business in the hands of mostly uneducated youths and stressful.

But Bolt and Uber driving schemes made transport business even more lucrative and profitable.

This write up will give you an update on how much Bolt/Uber drivers in Nigeria makes per day, week and month.

This is because the earnings of bolt and uber drivers in Nigeria is usually the early questions potential investors asks.

If you want to join bolt drivers in Nigeria and you are looking to find how much bolt drivers makes in Nigeria, then this post will be helpful.

Bolt has come to make transportation business attractive and appealing in Nigeria especially among the Youths.

With bolt driving, transporters now earn better, more and the business is more stress free.

It is a business capable of taking a lot of Nigeria unemployed youths out of street.

With more youths both male and female joining the online transportation booking and facilitating company, many prospective drivers keeping asking and seeking information like how much bolt drivers make daily, weekly or monthly.

Also, some of the most entertained queries on bolt driving are how much bolt drivers makes in Lagos daily, how much bolt drivers makes in Port Harcourt, Abuja and Enugu.

All these are some of the questions this article will try do justice to.

We know how hard it is to take and make a life and career decisions, so for those considering join bolt driving in Nigeria, profit and money bolt drivers make will be revealed here.

Average monthly,weekly and daily earnings of bolt / Uber drivers in Lagos and across Nigeria.

How To Become Bolt Driver in Nigeria

There are certain required procedures and processes to become a bolt driver in Nigeria. Below are the requirements for Bolt drivers in Nigeria.

Sign Up

To Become a bolt driver, interested drivers will have to sign up on the company official website or download bolt app from google play stores or apple store. Bolt website is

Driving Training

After online application, applicants will be invited for a driving training through their provided e-mails.

Vehicle Accreditation & Inspection

The third step in becoming bolt driver in Nigeria is vehicle accredited. This is to ensured that would be used vehicle is road worthy and in good shape. Bolt vehicle inspection can be done at any AutoGenius facility.


After the above steps has been achieved by bolt intending driver, he or she will then go on to activate his or her profile and partnership with bolt.

This is done by visiting bolt center and engage in an onboarding sessions and profile activation. Drivers going for Bolt onboarding sessions should go along with the following.

Valid Driver’s License

AutoGenius vehicle inspection report

Vehicle License

Bolt has offices and facilities across all states where they operate. Having completed all these procedures, a driver is set to become bolt driver and earn much money.

How Much Bolt Drivers Make in Nigeria 

How much bolt drivers earn is dependent on certain factors and variables.

Some the factors that play on earnings of bolt drivers are, hours of work (number of trips), population of city and distance of trips.

These are some of the things that determines what a bolt drivers stand to earn.

How Much Bolt Drivers Make in Lagos

Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria. This goes a long way to impact on how much bolt drivers make in Lagos.

However, driver’s attitude to work is still very key to how much bolt drivers make in Lagos. On average, bolt driver in Lagos make around N9000 daily.

How much bolt drivers make in Lagos weekly also varies. On average, bolt drivers make N60,000 weekly and around N180,000 monthly. This how much bolt drivers earn in Lagos.

How Much Bolt Drivers Make in Abuja & Enugu

Although Abuja and Enugu is not as populated as Lagos and Port Harcourt, but bolt drivers at the city still earn handsomely.

How much Abuja & Enugu bolt drivers earn daily is around N6000.

On weekly basis bolt drivers at Abuja make an average of N45,000 while Enugu bolt drivers make N40,000.

How Much Bolt Drivers Make in Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is one of the most populated cities in Nigeria.

Below is how much bolt drivers make in Port Harcourt. On daily basis, bolt drivers make an average of N7000.

Bolt drivers in Port Harcourt make an average of N50,000 and N150,000 weekly and monthly respectively.

This is how much bolt drivers earn in Lagos major cities.

Nigeria Bolt Cities

List of Nigerian cities with bolt drivers. Not all Nigerian cities has seen bolt operations in their cities.

Currently, the online transportation facilitating company is present in Nigeria’s first class cities like:

  • Lagos
  • Port Harcourt
  • Enugu
  • Abuja
  • Owerri
  • Benin
  • Calabar
  • Uyo
  • Ibadan
  • Kano


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  1. Thanks bro. It was informative.

  2. Hiw reliable is this information.
    A bolt driver at Asaba made ₦9,100.00 driving from 11am to 4pm, and your report says that bolt drivers at Lagos and Abuja makes ₦9,000.00 and ₦6,000.00 on average, respectively.
    Maybe there’s need for deeper research.

    1. its possible but not often.however the figure provided for Lagos bolt drivers is average daily earning. some days based on some factors you can make higher or lower of the stated figure

      1. In umuahia can a bolt driver make money

        1. Sure but only if bolt is in the city as not all cities in Nigeria is “bolted”

    2. How much does a bolt driver make in Enugu

      1. Bolt driver in Enugu will earn base on his input into the job. However, he or she will earn a very decent cash if he or she puts in a good time into the job

  3. There is need for more research walahi

  4. Pls how much does a bolt driver make in kano pls . need urgent response

  5. How can I get a car to do BOLT?

    1. You have to buy one or drive someone own under agreement

  6. I have a 2008 toyota corolla I want to put in bolt but I don’t want to drive how can I go about it?

    1. Get some one to do the driving and have his or her registered and undertake the bolt training.

    2. Am available for you.

    3. Please do contact me if you’re serious about this.


    4. Hi Sir, I stay in Abuja, I can drive for you perfectly. Pls contact me on 07064606892

  7. If I decide to work from morning till night in Enugu, like how much on average will I be expecting

    1. Depends on the day level of booking and traffic of people boarding. But highly though

  8. Yes sir am glad to hear you say that,, am in platuea state and am an intending bolt driver but haven’t seen platuea state amoung the states that carries out bolt operation

    1. Bolt is yet to cover all cities in Nigeria, so you need to check at their official website to find it jos have been covered

  9. I need a car to use for bolt in abuja

    1. Toyota Corolla 2005 ,2006 would be ideal

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