How Much Does INEC Pay Corpers & Ad-hoc Staff for Elections

The central message of this article is how much INEC will pay corpers and ad-hoc staff who serve as presiding officers and assistant presiding officers during general election.

Every election season in Nigeria, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in a move to ensure smooth and seamless elections, recruits temporal staff referred to as ad-hoc staff who help see to smooth conduct of these election.

Majorly, INEC ad-hoc staff comprises of mostly youth corps members, young graduates and professionals and undergraduates.

These temporal staff for elections are paid allowances for helping the commission in the conduct of elections in Nigeria.

While anyone can apply to train and participate as INEC ad-hoc staff, many are usually quick to find how much INEC pays copers and ad-hoc staff that works for INEC during election.

This is because the amount INEC pays both youth corpers and other ad-hoc staff for election informs the decision of many to either to participate or withdraw as ad-hoc staff.

In this blog post, we will review how much how much INEC pay corpers and ad-hoc staff for presidential and governorships elections.

How Much INEC Pays Election Presiding Officer & Corps Members During Elections

INEC payment for corpers during election and INEC AD-HOC staff payment comes in installments.

Inotherwords, it is not paid complete in one off payment. The payment for INEC staff during elections starts from trainings down to election day and post election payment.

Generally, the total money INEC pay youth corpers and ad-hoc staff for election (like 2023 general election) will range between N34,000 to N35,000.

Here is breakdown of INEC ad-hoc staff & Corpers allowance/salary for general elections

INEC Standard Payment for Election Officers

Here is the estimate of how much INEC will pay corpers and ad-hoc staff that will participates in 2023 general elections.

  • INEC Payment for 3Days Election Training – N4500 ( this training allowance will include both feeding at N1000 and transportation at N500 for three days.
  • INEC ad-hoc Staff Payment for Presidential Election – N17,500 ( this will cover both transportation to local government and feeding for both Presiding and assistant presiding officers)
  • INEC ad-hoc staff Payment for Governorship Election- N13,000

Hence the total money INEC will pay youth Corpers and ad-hoc staff who participates in the upcoming Presidential and governorship election will be between N34,000 and N35,000.

This breakdown cover what INEC pays presiding officer and assistant presiding officer for elections.

This is an improvement from what INEC pays ad-hoc staff which used to be about N15,500 in the past.

When Will INEC Pay Corpers & Ad-hoc Staff for Election?

The allowance for participating in Nigeria elections as Presiding officers which INEC pays ad-hoc staff that usually comprised of NYSC members and professionals comes in installments.

The training allowance which is N4500 will be paid before the election day.

The allowance for presiding for election on election Day for both Presidential and gubernatorial will be paid within 30days post election.

So, when INEC will pay those who participated in general elections will be before and after the elections in the sense that you will get some parts of the payment before election while some will be paid after elections.


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