How Much Does Truck Drivers Make in Canada?

It is pertinent to state that salary of truck drivers in Canada is relative. How much truck drivers earn in Canada is dependent on numerous factors which will come later in this article.

Generally, it is lucrative to drive truck in Canada as it is among sectors that is experiencing labour shortage.

Taking up truck driving jobs in Canada can be an exciting one as driver gets opportunity to drive across different provinces in Canada and even USA in some cases.

It is very important job sector in Canada that is very crucial for the economy. Truck driving is very essential in that they facilitate other job sectors such as logistics, agriculture etc.

To become a truck driver in Canada, it is not just enough to have truck driving skills as truck drivers in Canada are issued with licences.

This is to ensure professionalism in such a vital sector within the country.

According to multiple online sources, the average salary earnings of a truck driver in Canada is about 46,700 CAD per annum. This is equivalent to 24 CAD per hour.

It is stated that new entry level truck drivers in Canada are likely to earn about 39,000 CAD per annum, while experience truck drivers in Canada earns annual salary in region of about 60,000 CAD.

Above all, it is obvious that truck drivers are paid well in Canada but how much per hour truck drivers are paid is based certain factors.

Factors That Decide How Much Truck Drivers in Canada Are Paid

There are certain factors that determines how much and how well truck drivers are paid in Canada. Here are factors that may affect your salary as a truck driver in Canada.

Truck Companies

Not all truck drivers in Canada owns private trucks. A lot of truck drivers especially the young drivers work for truck companies in Canada who most times structure the wages of their truck drivers in accordance to company’s and government policies on salary and wages in Canada.

So, there is possibility you can earn more or less money while working for a specific truck company in Canada.

Province of Base

There are different provinces in Canada with different wage structure. The province of truck company you are working can determine how much salary you earn as truck driver in Canada.

Driving Experience

As obtains in most jobs, experience are rewarded in truck driving jobs in Canada. The more years you spend in truck driving especially in first world countries such as USA,UK, Australia, Germany, the more chances you could earn higher salary as truck driver in Canada.Experience truck drivers earn way more than new licensed truck drivers.

Trucking Niche

Also, your trucking niche can decides your salary and wage as truck driver in Canada. All truck drivers are not paid same salary as some truck driving is more risk prone.

Driving of petrol or gas truck may pay more because of risk hazard that is associated with it. Same goes with delivery of agricultural products, logistics etc.

These are some of the factors that can affect how much and how well truck drivers earn in Canada.

How Truck Drivers Are Paid in Canada

There are numerous ways truck drivers salary and pay are calculated in Canada. Often, the type of pay truck driver receives in Canada is most determined by the trucking company he or she is employed with.

Here are some of the ways truck drivers salary are calculated or paid in Canada.

Pay Per Hour

In this type of truck driver pay in Canada, a truck driver is paid for every hour in which he or she is on duty. Most truck drivers in Canada is more open to this type of pay as it protect them from not earning as result of break down of truck or halted truck. This payment scheme rewards consistency and triggers drivers to put in more time on the job.

Pay Per Mile

Here truck drivers are paid according to the number of miles or distance covered. Salary of drivers in this scheme of truck driving salary is based on mirage put in place by trucking company.

In simple terms, drivers here will be paid on how far they traveled to make delivery or loading. It is based on how long distance a driver have travelled to make or take delivery.

Per Per Load

This type of truck driver salary in Canada is most popular among independent truck drivers and truck owners. Here, truck drivers are paid for each load they deliver.

So, the truck driver can determine how to work and when to work or not. Also, driver can determine which delivery to undertake and where to travel. It is most flexible truck driving scheme.

How Much Truck Drivers Are Paid in Canada

From the above literature, you can see that there is no definite or specific salary of truck drivers in Canada.

This is why we opined earlier that salary structure of truck drivers in Canada is relative. Truck drivers salary differs according three major renowned job and recruiting websites we examined.

According to, yearly truck drivers salary is about 73,200 CAD, just as, pegged the annual salary of truck drivers in Canada at 54,100 CAD., another popular job recruiting platform slated annual earnings of truck drivers in Canada to around 46,800CAD.

This is consistent with our earlier position that there is no specific salary structure for truck drivers in Canada as numerous factors determines how much individual truck driver earn in Canada.

Nevertheless, on average, the annual salary of truck drivers in Canada is around 58,000 CAD.

End Note on Canada Truck Drivers Salary

Generally, trucking or truck driving in Canada would most definitely keep you financially stable. It is a job with good salary in Canada.

Also, to be open to more truck driving jobs in Canada, you might have to be intentional and consider moving to major cities and towns with industrial clusters.

These major and bigger cities often have higher hourly wage and this can also impact your salary as truck driver in Canada. Having options begets the better decisions.

This is why moving to major city where you will be open to working with numerous truck driving companies in Canada is plus if you desire to drive truck in Canada.

This is because some truck driving companies in Canada pay more salary than others, while some offer more flexible working terms and service level agreement.


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