How Much is Opay POS Machine?

This article will review OPay POS machine price in Nigeria by looking as the cost of traditional OPay POS machine and OPay android POS machines prices.

Opay POS machines are very common in Nigeria and can easily be found in malls,shops, hotels, cabs etc.

These point of sale machines are used to drive and facilitate cashless payments of goods and services.

OPay, which is a CBN licensed financial technology company in Nigeria which functions as Microfinance Bank is very popular for their financial inclusion drive.

There seem to be a wide acceptability of OPay POS machines in Nigeria which many links to its price.

This takes us to ascertaining what is the cost of getting OPay POS machine. Also, good and stable network and easy operation are what some OPay POS users points at as reasons for high patronage.

Here is the current price of OPay POS machine in Nigeria.

OPay POS Machine Prices

There are many types of OPay POS machines and their corresponding prices.

Normally,OPay informs that their POS is free as agents are only to be charged and deposit caution fee pending when they return the POS machine back to the company.

However, the teeming customer of OPay sees this as simply the price of the Opay POS machines they are being given.

Apart from Mini OPay POS machine, other POS of OPay company comes with a caution fee which is more like the cost of buying these OPAY POS machines.

Below is different types of OPay POS machines and their prices.

Price of Mini OPay POS Machine

As the name implies, it is the smallest of all Opay POS machines and according to the company’s official website, it comes with no caution fee.

So, we think those who want this type of OPay POS machine will make an outright buy. The price of Mini OPay POS machine is about N8,500.

It can be used to effect transfer or receiving of funds for goods and services rendered.

However,this POS machine does not have features for receipt printing.

Price of OPay Traditional POS Machine

This is the first manufactured and most popular OPay POS machine. It is button featured POS with printer.

This OPay POS machine cost is N20,000 which is deposited as caution fee. However, some OPay POS distributor agents might make you pay more for this type of OPay POS machine as logistics.

Hence you find some owners of OPay traditional POS machines who paid about N30,000 to N35,000 as price of OPay traditional POS machine.

Price of OPay Android Smart POS Machine

OPay android or smart POS machine is the latest on the company’s POS machines list. It works on android system and has no button rather it is screen touch POS device.

This is the most expensive in terms of price of OPay POS machine. The caution fee to be deposited for this type of OPay Android Smart POS machine is about N50,000. Hence, this type of OPay POS machine price is about N50,000.

Best OPay POS Machine for Payments

There three (3) types of OPay POS machine of which one is most preferred, used and sought after. This is why we consider this POS machine as the best OPay POS machine.

The OPay traditional POS machine is the best Opay POS machine among all other options. It is easy to use, operate and rugged as well.

It is most durable and wouldn’t require caution level associated with android version such as screen protection etc.

The traditional button OPay POS machine is the best Opay POS machine.

How to get OPay POS Machine in Nigeria

This segment of the article provides you with steps and how to apply and get OPay POS machine in Nigeria.

To get an OPay POS Machine in follow these steps:

  • You’ll need an to have OPay Account. This you can get done by downloading OPay app and creating an account for yourself. Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download OPay. Next, just follow the instructions to register your Opay account.
  • After setting up your Opay account, send an email to requesting for an OPay merchant registration form.
  • To complete your Opay POS Merchant registration you’ll require the following documents: Your Bank Verification Number (BVN), A utility or another bill dated no later than three months prior to merchant registration as proof of your address, a copy of your means of identification like national ID card, driver’s license, or international passport and a passport photograph.

Having performed these OPay POS application steps and processes, OPay will get back to you within 48 hours through OPay mini specialist to confirm success of your application or instruction on how to perfect your application as well as further directives on how to get your OPay POS machine.


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